FASHION PRESENTATION: Vermillion for Kyra by Kemi Alao

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

I had the pleasure of attending local Houston Designer, Kemi Alao's lastest fashion presentation for her KYRA clothing line. The name of her recent collection is Vermillion. The presentation was held at a cool art gallery venue in the upper east downtown area of Houston called Ronin Art House. This was my first time at Ronin Art House and once again I loved the space. I definitely love any building with character.  The entire area around Ronin seemed to be a launching pad for creatives as there were many art installations on the streets around the building that I passed walking to and from my car. 

Kemi has a very unique design aesthetic. I love the fact that I can look at her clothes and not think of any other designer.  She takes bold chances with her work.  I also enjoyed the makeup and the hairstyles that the models were wearing.  I was able to catch up with Kemi at her presentation to ask her a few questions about her collection: 

What was the inspiration for this collection?
This collection was inspired by this tropical fish that I saw in Jamaica on a family vacation that morphed into what you're seeing right now. 

You've only been out of school for a little bit, and how many collections is this for you now?
This is my 7th collection

Wow! Are you already planning your next collection? Can you tell us anything about it?
Yes I am, but it's a secret right now

How did you come to choose Ronin Art House for your presentation tonight?
I really just loved the character of the building.  I was looking online trying to find a place that had texture on the walls and something different. I like that we can actually display the artwork from Johnathan (the artist of the paintings on the walls).  They are just so lovely to be a venue sponsor for me and I'm so grateful for that.

Which look is your favorite?
They don't have a name just yet..I'm not sure what to call them, but the shorts that are double - layered shorts are my favorite. I have them in blue and a citron color.  

Which look was the hardest to create?
As far as difficulty and the technique of making them, that wasn't too hard because they are all modeled the same, but as far as creative direction to combine and put this look together; the red one with the rope skirt. The skirt is handmade and the rope is hand dyed as well. I saw the rope and knew that I wanted to put it in the collection, but I wasn't sure which look to incorporate it into. 

If my readers want to purchase clothes from you, how can they do that? And do you do custom orders?
I do custom work but I also sell online at A few of the items from tonight are going to be available for pre-order. All of the off-shoulder dresses and the double short pants are going to be for sell as well. 

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