WHAT I WORE: Is Pink My Color?

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Before I make the following statement about pink, I feel the need to state that I do not believe in traditional gender ideals and stereotypes. I believe woman can love the color blue and men can love the color pink. However, as someone who loves to dabble in jewelry and fashion, one could assume that I love the color pink, when in actuality, I'm the opposite. I've never really been a fan of pink. I don't know why. Give me shades of red all day, but when it comes to pink I can take it or leave it....Wait, I'm lying, there was this one year that I was obsessed with this Hot Pink lipstick shade from M.A.C...I basically wore it every day.

Skip forward to my Blogger Valentine's Day party where I set the dress code to be the standard Valentine's Day colors: white, red, pink, pastels, etc., and enter my pink dress. I actually went shopping for a new dress for this party and I was hunting for a red dress. I love red. RED is my color, but alas I could not find a cute red dress to save my life. I have several red ensembles in my closet, but I wanted something new. I was about to give up, when I came across this cute little number in Nordstrom's dress department.  The color fit the theme, so I decided to try it on.  I fell in love with the dress and was quite shocked that it fit. In fact it was a little big around the chest area so I had to have it taken in....What? Moi? Have something taken in!?!? I was completely overjoyed.  In that same shopping trip, I also found one of my birthday dresses (the blue one in this post).

Necklace: Seraphina (Kendra Scott) // Dress: Chelsea28 (Nordstrom) // Mini Crown: Target Party Section //
Heels: White House Black Market  // Lipstick: Clinique x Crayola Chubby Stick in Razzamatazz (gifted)
As far as styling the dress, I knew that I would pair it with my Kendra Scott birthday gift to myself: The Seraphina.  I've been wanting this necklace since Fall of last year, but patiently waited for my birthday month to pick it up at 50% off. I recently purchased this pair of gray heels from White House Black Market, and thought they would look cool against a pink dress. I normally would have donned a traditional black pump with this dress. Thank you to Dawn, Leena, and Amanda for all of these fun photos of me from the Blogger Valentine's Day Party! Also shout out to Moonsun for giving me a fab makeup look complete with sparkle! Y'all  definitely need to check her out!


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  1. You're adorable, Shas. Pink looks great on you! I share your sentiment thought - pink, blah! Give me blue!! 😉

    1. I love blue!!! Thanks girlie! It's been so long since I've seen you!

  2. Pink looks super hot on you...especially this super bright shade! Flaunt it!

  3. Pink is definitely your color! I also liked how you stepped out-of-the-box (per say) and chose to wear grey heel, instead of black. I normally would choose black, but grey is another option! The Serafina looks great with the dress, as it's just the right amount of a statement, without going overboard.

  4. Pink looks AHHHHHmazing on you. Especially with your hair, it just makes all your features pop. I love that you picked a less obvious choice for a shoe color. It brought everything together in the most beautiful way. Re-wear this!

  5. So pretty in pink!! this is such a vibrant shade of pink and it suits you perfectly!

  6. I so, so, so love the contrast of your hair color with the dress and accessories. The shoes pull it all together with top and bottom gray. and hues of pink in your makeup and dress. Very chic, very romantic, and so freakin cute it makes my stomach hurt. LOL! Great pics also.

  7. Ok, I am loving this dress on you. Pink is my favorite color and I am loving this sassy chic pink statement dress. I love how you paired the gray heels with it. I agree with you gender and color is overrated. Men can wear pink if they want. After all.... Real Men Wear Pink :)

  8. I am not a huge fan of pink either but I totally love this dress! I think it looks great on you.

  9. I cannot believe you are not a pink fan! The color compliments you so well I would think you like it! I love how you matched the grey heels it really tones down the hot pink and goes with your lovely hair!

  10. okay wait, I took some of these photos and I need to share it on my IG because you look amazing! Chocolate skin and pink looks great! haha!


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