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Monday, March 13, 2017

A few weeks ago, Clarins invited myself and a few other influencers to their Annual Spring Trends product event.  I always love attending this event.  First of all, I've developed a bigger appreciation for Clarins and their products. They are really thorough in going through all of their product offerings, and it's fun for people like me who are a little beauty-illiterate to discover new products. They also offer car service to get to and from the event. If you live in Houston, you spend a lot of your life driving...EVERYWHERE (The city doesn't have a great public transportation system). So when there's an opportunity to not drive in Houston, I'm all of it. The Clarin's event was at Macy's at the Houston Galleria Mall.  Nassima Kebir, Director of PR for Clarins gave us the 411 on all of the new products

Nassima kicked us off by talking about the new Body Fit products. Clarins has over 60+ years in slimming and body contouring expertise. In the #1 in the category even here in the US in the slimming and contouring category.  Body fit is the newest version of their seal, contouring smoothing lotion.  Clarins loves to go back to the drawing board to find new plant extracts that are going to be super potent and super efficient with the concern that you have. 

PRO TIP: The Body Contour only improves as you put healthy things in your body, so drinking lots of water is key!

On average, a woman goes through at least 17 thermic shocks in one day. 
When it came time to create the Hydra-Essentiel line, Clarins realized that a woman goes through about 17 thermic shocks a day.  An example of thermic shock in Houston would be going from outside at 80 Degrees with high humidity to walking inside to a highly air conditioned space that dries out the skin. All of these changes in environments impact the skin.  Clarins conducted a trial in in Paris, with 35 women that spanned a mix of ethnicity, age, and skin types and exposed them to change in humidity,  wind and temperatures. The result was that their skin became rougher, and redness occurred. They went back to the lab to do in vitro studies on skin cells, submitting them to the same conditions they did on the ladies.  They found that through these shocks, our skin looses the ability to retain water.  The sponge molecule created by hyaluonic acid is not working anymore and is not being created equally by the skin. You're losing these molecules and then your skin can not retain its natural moisture.

Hyda-Essential Line L to R: Cream, Serum, & Gel
With this information they went on the hunt for the best plant extract to combat this issue. For these type of missions, Clarins sends their EthnoBotanist Jean Pierre Nicolas, around the world to identify super rare plant extracts that could potentially be used in one of their future creams. Jean Pierre traveled to Madagasgar and found a succulent plant that they call The Leaf of Life. When you squeeze succulents they are very watery and the leaf of life had a very similar structure to human skin with a dermis and epidermis.  Adding a few drops of the plant's extract to the skin cells while in vitro encouraged the natural synthesis of those skin molecules when it's cold, dry or windy.  Women noticed that their skin was 16 times more moisturized after applying the cream.  The cream comes in several different textures: Serum, gel, rich cream, silky cream, etc, and you can combine or not combine depending on your skin type and environment.  No matter which texture you choose you receive the same moisturizing properties. 

PRO TIP: Keep it in the fridge especially during the summer because it will feel like Heaven

Pore Perfecting Matifying Foundation
Next we talked about Clarin's Matifying Foundation, which Nassima stated is more of a primer than a foundation. The base of the primer acacia gum that fills in little lines and visible pores. It also contains white clay that keeps oiliness in check throughout the day. 

PRO TIP: While this can be used all over your face, Nassima likes to just apply it to her troubled areas and then unify her overall face with foundation. 

Pore Perfecting Matifying Kit
The newer version of the Clarins' Shine Stopper is now called the was called the Pore Perfecting Matifying Kit and it comes with a stash of blogging papers. When you run out of papers you can purchase some more! I love the fact that the powder poof and the blotting paper is all in the same container. Now I can't loose it! 

PRO TIP:  Perfect for your T-zones and chin

This is one of Nassima's favorite products, and apparently Macy's customers as well, since they only had 6 left at the counter from the entire shipment.  What does this remind you of? If you're a child of the 90s, you recognize this retro pen immediately! Except instead of 5-6 different' pen colors all in one, this is 1 lip liner and 3 eyeliners all in one, but it works exactly like our color pens of old! But you better get one while they last because these bad boys are limited edition! 

Face Contouring Palette
This is the first time Clarins has released a contouring palette. Prior to this Nassima was making contouring work by using individual products from Clarins, but now it's all in one simple case. The best thing about this contouring palette is that it works with a majority of skin and undertones!  The brush has an angle to make it very easy to apply.

Ombre Iridescente EyeShadows

These lovely mineral iridescent eye shadows can be used wet or dry.  If you want more intensity, use the eye shadows wet. You can also combine these with other eye shadow palettes and quickly go from a light daytime look to VA VA Voom at night by adding water.  

PRO TIP: Use the white to highlight the brow bone

Joli Rouge Brilliant Lipsticks
Last but not least, the  Joli Rouge Lipsticks. These lipsticks aren't heavy. They leave a great tint and are super moisturizing. They have a proprietary formula that allows them to reflect light making your lips look more voluptuous.


Contents of our goodie bag! I'm still going through all of the products!


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  1. The makeup packaging is lovely, but I got really scared when you shared the info about the 17 thermic shocks...I have really dry skin so I know I am being affected big time. :/ Thank you for sharing that, it really stayed with me. I am going to drink more water and try to keep as moisturized as possible! Throughout your whole post I semi-fan girl over faith!! <3

  2. This beauty event looks wonderful and those eyeshadows look promising. I'm in love with potted shadows now for some reason. The most I've ever tried from Clarins was a night serum and it was excellent. I was actually sad when I ran out. I'm gonna have to revisit their products.


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