Tuesday, March 07, 2017

My last night attending Super Bowl Live was for the Solange concert.  The Solange concert was Thursday night, the same evening as the Bulls and Blackjack event that I attended. I left the B&B event early to head over to concert.  There was definitely a quick change act in the car. Solange performed on stage in Music Live, one of the sections of Super Bowl Live. A lot of people turned out for Solange! Houston loves to support their own! I actually thought there was a good chance of Beyonce doing a special appearance. That would have been epic! Near the end of Solange's concert I started to roam around the area.  There were some cool helmet instatllations by CDMX in Music Live and then I headed to Tailgate Live. Tailgate Live had all of the food trucks, their own 18-Wheeler turned stage, a pop-up Levi's tailor shop and an area by Hyundai. Inside the Hyundai building you could take pictures with the mock Tucson and customize the background for your photo. Check out all of my  photos below from Tailgate & Music Live.

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