Sunday, March 05, 2017

I basically lived at Super Bowl Live during the Super Bowl.   Super Bowl Live was a free outdoor festival that was conceived to celebrate Super Bowl 51 coming to town.  It was open over the course of 2 weekends (the weekend before the super bowl, and super bowl weekend).  I love festivals and I love free, so I basically stopped by Super Bowl Live any chance I could get. I also went back several times because there was just so much to see and do that I couldn't do it all in one visit. My very first day there, I spent 3 hours alone just in the Future Flight section.

Super Bowl Live was broken down into several sections: Super Bowl Live, Houston Live, Tailgate Live, Music Live & Play Live.  It basically took over several city blocks and ALL of Discovery Green (see picture of map below). Right behind Discovery Green was the NFL Experience at George R. Brown Convention Center. I didn't make it into the NFL Experience. I procrastinated to much with scheduling it and by the time, I had time to go they were sold out...I heard the NFL Experience was amazing and this is one of the first time it's ever sold out! So back to Super Bowl Live.  The first day I spent a lot of time in the Nasa section.

Verizon was a major sponsor of the Super Bowl, so they had their own building erected onsite. If you were a Verizon customer you were able to go upstairs to their outdoor balcony for some great views of all the happenings at Super Bowl Live.
nside the Verizon area there was a station where Verizon employees were monitoring all of the network activity just in Houston surrounding the Super Bowl. They installed additional towers around the stadium to handle the massive influx of network users around the big game and they were monitoring all of it from here. 
They also had helmet virtual reality stations
I loved entering the Future Flight area. I'm obsessed with space exploration, and NASA and all of the private companies that work to continue space exploration came together to put on a fabulous display at SB Live.  The main focus of this section was going to Mars.  It's crazy to think that just in a few short years we can have humans on Mars.

Lockheed Martin had a bus that they converted into a Mars Experience. You go inside and they "transport" you to Mars and take you through what a typical day on Mars would be like.

Fox had a huge installation up at the end of SB Live. They were broadcasting live from this area leading up to the big game, and they had a mock football field at the back.

George R. Brown - Home of the NFL Experience that I sadly missed
A lot of local acts performed throughout SB Live on the Discovery Green Stage. People were dancing and having a great time!

Football wouldn't be football without motor vehicle sponsors. Ford, a huge NFL sponsor had a huge section dedicated just to Ford activities. They had games, trucks, and interviews with NFL Players. There was even a field goal kick challenge, where if you made it you were entered to win tickets to your favorite teams opening game next season. Sadly I did not make my field goal kick, but it was a lot of fun to try!

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