STAYCATION: Hotel Ylem Influencer Sleepover

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Hotel Ylem, Houston's newest boutique hotel, has done a lot to offer their guests a unique and charitable experience. You may remember that I first introduced all of you to Hotel Ylem in my Under the Sea at Hotel Ylem post.  Back then, they were still remodeling a lot of the hotel and my friend Sarah invited me and some other influencers to swing by and check out the painting of the mural.  Hotel Ylem used to be a Holiday Inn Express that was converted to a boutique hotel, after the owners reached the end of their franchise contract.  A few weeks after the mural event, Hotel Ylem invited several influencers to come and stay at the hotel for a sleepover. They invited my friend Jillian Goltzman, blogger at Cup of Charisma to stay and she was nice enough to invite me to tag along as her plus one! 

The team at Hotel Ylem, which comprised of the Dawaldi family (the owners), their PR Rep Ren, and their Brand Consultant, Sarah Shah pulled out all of the stops for us.  Upon our arrival to the hotel room there was a box full of goodies waiting for us on our beds.

After checking in we had about an hour to chill before all of the fun festivities started. We were asked to change into our pajamas and come down to the bar, dining room area. Downstairs they had several activities set up for us.  There was a station from Waxing The City, in which I partook in having my chin and upper neck waxed. The only waxing that I've ever had done in my life has always been my eyebrows, so I wanted to try something new! They brought in an Astrologer to give us astrology readings. This was my first time having a reading done of ANY sort. It was very interesting to have one done! If you're interested in receiving a reading, definitely check out Maurielle Balczon at Sign Paths. Maurielle told me that this was my year to focus on love...actually make it a priority...We'll see what happens! 
With Astrologer, Maurielle! I've actually known Maurielle for a few years now through the fashion industry, but I had no idea she did astrology readings as well! It's pretty cool to see everything that other people are interested in!

Waxing the City Set-up

I also partook in a yummy cocktail punch that was created by Bar Boheme's beverage director Hal Brook. I'm a bit of a light weight when it comes to alcohol, so I stuck to just one drink for the evening as it was a tad strong! There was also an assortment of lite bites for us to snack on...I'm a glutton for anything with cheese, and there were a lot of cheesy things to eat!! After some time mingling and chatting with the other influencers, we were guided over to the chocolate & scrub making areas sponsored by Chamak Chocolates.  I made 2 of my own chocolate bars and my own scrub!

Midway between the event, the owners, Amisha and Manisha talked to all of us about the concept of the hotel and all of the charity components guests could find throughout the hotel. One of their main charity partnerships is with Charity:Water.  The owners did their research in choosing a charity to partner with, even going all the way to their headquarters in New York.  The lobby of the hotel will display art work from local artists that will be for sell.  It will be free for artists to display their art,but 9% of their artwork sales will be required to go Charity ater. 9% of beverage sales from the bar area will also go Charity Water along with 100% of the hotel room minibar profits. And just in case you don't buy a cocktail or take something from the minibar you can just book one of their hotel rooms at the charity rate, where 10% of the rate goes to Charity Water. Isn't that great? But that's not where their charity components end...

In addition to everything they are doing for Charity Water, they also support several other organizations through products offered in the hotel.  All of the paper products are purchased from Lighthouse Houston.  Lighthouse Houston provides people with disabilities with jobs and services. The toiletry items are from Lather that partners with Clean The World,, The National Headache Foundation, AbilityFirst, and And last but not least, the colorful throw pillows that are in all of the rooms are purchased from CB2 which partners with No Kid Hungry, GLSEN & Characters' Unite, and with Creativity Explored.  Everyone at the hotel can also take a paid 8 hours to volunteer at any charity of their choice.  I'm definitely sold! Knowing that staying at Hotel Ylem helps so many people around the world is just one of the many reasons they will be one of the top hotels I recommend to people when they visit Houston, or are looking for a staycation. You can give back without even thinking about it!

In the morning, there was a fun yogurt parfait station available for us and yummy breakfast complete with gourmet donuts!

After breakfast we all headed home. Well I headed to a baby shower, but it was a great evening with friends, in a great hotel. I've also been crazy about taking photos lately, so between the evening and the next day, I went around the hotel snapping some photos of things around the hotel. They're almost done with all of the hotel renovations, so the next time I post about Hotel Ylem, it should be 100% finished!

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  1. I'm hoping to stay there for a night when I come in May. Sounds like a dreamy little place. At first I thought it was in downtown, but I almost couldn't believe it when I heard it was near NRG.

  2. Those chocolate desserts y'all made look amazing!!! Recipe pretty please!!! I need this in my life!! Looks like an amazing hotel stay!!

  3. Thank you Shasie for the very sweet mention in your blog, you do such a great job of bringing the unexpected gems of Houston to the attention of our city's stylesetters. I was so honored to finally do an astrology reading for you. Now that I know your horoscope, I can see why we've always clicked!

    1. Great read Shasie and what a beautiful hotel with an even more beautiful love for charity!

  4. It's amazing what this hotel does to give back to the community--never heard of a hotel with a mission like theirs! Those chocolate bars you made look DELICIOUS😍!

  5. WOW! What a fun time know I love a company all about giving back. SUPER cool and Charity:Water is one of my faves. I first found out about them through the Charity Miles app, but had to do my own donation after learning more while listening to the founder talk about it on a podcast. Might just have to stay here the next time I come back to Houston!

  6. I have passes by this hotel and was really intrigued. It looks beautiful from outside. But it is more beautiful inside with all that they are doing with their charity work. That is so awesome that they would do so much. It really looks like they treat their guests really well.

  7. This looks like an beautiful hotel and the event looked awesome! Boutique hotels are seriously the best!

  8. This place looks so amazing. When I travel your way I'll be hitting you up for your best hotel stays. I hope to come down soon to see a few friends down in the Houston area. I always hear good things about that area. This place looks amazing though and you are always sharing the best photos.

  9. It looks super chic, really gonna have to check them out.

  10. Great way for Ylem to get the word out!

  11. Shas, thank you again for inviting me to the mural reveal because I had an opportunity to get the pre-tour with you! I may host my sister's baby shower here. So excited!

  12. That looks like a great place! xo


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