My Body Isn't Perfect and That's Ok

Friday, March 10, 2017

I don't have a perfect body, and I'm finally ready to accept it. All of my life I've fought with my weight: up and down, up and down like a damn yo-yo. When I'm up I feel really depressed about being plus-sized but when I'm down I spend so much time stressing about not gaining the weight back that I can't even enjoy life. And the stress of staying underweight causes me to eat more and I gain the weight back and it's a vicious cycle.  I'm over stressing about my weight. I want to just live my life and make better choices, but I don't want to have live every day counting calories, or kick myself every time I skip a date with the gym. I just want to live life, be healthy & happy.

Society will tell you that you can't wear certain things if you are a certain size.  And to be honest, if something isn't flattering for my figure (regardless of size) I won't wear it anyway.  I love crop tops, and my stomach is nowhere near flat, in fact, it's has a life of it's own (hahahahaha). However I love the style that crop tops give to my looks, plus they are comfy (especially the loose ones). I normally pair my crop tops with high-waisted bottoms (jeans or skirts), but this time, I just paired it with a pair of sweatpants. These aren't even girl's sweatpants, they are men's sweatpants from Target that I purposely bought to be bigger and well....even more comfy! This crop top is a part of Beyonce's athleisure collection, Ivy Park.  I picked it up the last time I stopped in Top Shop. Thank you to Evelyn for capturing my sporty look, full tummy and all!

Crop Top: Top Shop // Sweatpants: Target (Men's section) // Sneakers: Michael Kors (similar)
Sunglasses: Claire's (similar) // Watch: New York & Company (similar)


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  1. You look fantastic! I wouldn't have even thought those were men's sweatpants... but hey, if they fit better, why not?! I'd wear that look working out, and then transitioning to running errands.

  2. I love this post ! No one have the perfect body ! Love the crop top .

  3. Girl, you look great! As I have aged I too have learned to accept my body for the way it is. The most attractive women are the ones with confidence!

  4. It is so important to have a positive body image. This outfit looks super comfortable.

  5. You are amazing! Thanks for sharing your heart on this one. I struggle more than I like to acknowledge with how I look and it's so inspiring to see people share how they've come to love themselves. It inspires me to strive harder to do so too. Cheers sweet friend!

  6. We all deserve self love, I am proud of you for proclaiming your confidence!!! You will surely help others because of this post. :)

  7. You look amaze balls!!! And you deserve to live your very fabulous life with out the stress of conforming to the common man's definition of what's normal for a body. We are all made perfect through our unique imperfections. Enjoy yours... It is what makes you great!

  8. I'm right there with you gaining, losing, more gaining! Keep wearing what makes you feel good because honey, you look good doing it!

  9. Confidence is everything, and expressing it through fashion is beautiful and fun. Amazing message.

  10. Amen!!! Thanks for sharing this positive post :) more women need to have this attitude!


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