Saturday, March 11, 2017

Lately, it seems as if all of my friends are pregnant! I love being an Auntie to all of my friends' little ones. One of my closest friends, Liz, who I've been friends with for over 10+ years is expecting her first child with her hubby Sean. They are having a baby boy, and the little one is expected any day now!  I just had to share photos from her fabulous baby shower hosted by Jolene Sng. I met Jolene through Liz at Liz's Birthday/Slash baby announcement party! She's super sweet, and guess what? She's a fellow blogger! Jolene is a food blogger at Miss Crumbs A Lot! Be sure to check out her site for some yummy recipes. Jolene put together an amazing shower for Liz at her gorgeous house.  Liz had a house full of people who love her and wish her well in this next stage of life: Parenting. There was tons of food, great conversation, games, photos and of course a bunch of presents.  

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  1. Pants optional...what a great onesie! I have a feeling I'll be buying this for a friend really soon!

  2. Congratulations to your friend! I love the decor and the theme of this shower. It looks like you guys had a great time celebrating the new addition.

    I will also have to follow Jolene because all of the food looked amazing.

  3. Such a cute baby shower! I love the photo area with all the props. You're friend looks AMAZING and you look gorgeous as always :)


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