WHAT I WORE: Under the Sea at Hotel Ylem

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Saturday, I had the pleasure of swinging by Houston's newest boutique hotel, Hotel Ylem. Before I arrived I wasn't sure how to pronounce Ylem, but it's pronounced: Eye-Lim.  When you visit their website they fill you in on what Ylem means: The initial substance of the universe from which the universe was formed. In other words, it’s the beginning. Hotel Ylem is located at 8080 Main Street very close to NRG Park and south of the medical center.  The owners, a brother and sister duo from India, started this hotel as another Holiday Inn Express.  After their contract was up to franchise, they decided to go in another direction with the creation of a Boutique Hotel.  

I'm personally in love with boutique hotels. I love anything that's unique and different. Any one can stay at a chain hotel, but finding a unique space in a city you've never been to before is just fun! The hotel is still under construction, but many of the rooms are already open for guests for the Super Bowl. With their amazing location next to the stadium, the hotel sold out in 20 minutes! Hotel Ylem focuses on a lot of charity with a lot of decor elements giving back to charity. One of their biggest charity partners is Charity Water. It was their work with Charity Water that inspired the theme for the mural. 

The mural is being painted by local Houston artist Janavi M Folmsbee. Janavi studied at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.  Janavi is also a Scuba Diver so she was the perfect person to bring this under the sea mural to live! When the mural is completed there were be stations to stand to take cool perspective shots with the mural.

Jeans: New York & Company // Boots: Bakers // Top: Bebe // Blazer: New York & Company
Sunglasses: BP by Nordstrom // Lipstick: Sephora


Sarah is the Image Consultant for Hotel Ylem and their brand! Thank you for inviting me to come out and view this mural!

Sarah's gorgeous scarf matched the colors of the mural!

I had to take a picture with the uber talented artist Janavi!
Janavi and her team hard at work to complete the mural
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  1. I enjoyed reading your review on this boutique hotel and the mural art is awesome and unique!! Thank you for sharing this!



  2. Thank you for inviting me Shas! I had a great time checking out Janavi's mural and the hotel!


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