Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I took off on Friday as well to participate in more Super Bowl events. There was a slight mix-up with my later afternoon event. It was a fashion show hosted by Cynthia Bailey, but earlier in the week the event was cancelled. Somehow I missed the memo and got ready for the fashion show anyway.  I put together this dark look for the fashion show because I recently found this little "gray" dress in my wardrobe and I wanted to wear it. However, it is a tad short, so I balanced the short length of the dress with a knee-length vest. This also worked to avoid any "oops" moments when getting up and down from my seat or entering or exiting a car.  I drove all the way to the event before I found out that it was cancelled. No one actually got to see this outfit, but I still decided to snap a few pictures of it anyway because I loved it. I'll have to find another occasion to wear it!

Dress: Express // Vest: Target // Booties // INC International Concepts (Macy's) // Watch: Michael Kors

After returning to my house from the cancelled event, I had just a few hours to get ready for my next event, which was attending Pepsi Lifewtr's Bruno Mars concert at Club Nomadic.  The temperature was dropping so I decided to swap out the little dress for leggings and a bling bling tunic that I picked up from the Glamology pop-up shop last month. 

Leggings: Target // Tunic: Glamology Boutique // Booties: INC International Concepts

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  1. Love both of these ensembles!! Smart thinking with pairing the dress with the vest. It's unfortunate that they cancelled the event--but hey at least we got to see it!

  2. I have way too many "oops" moments due to my short smart you are to use a long vest to ensure that never happens to you!

  3. I am loving the dress with the vest on top. You are so smart for putting the vest on top of the short dress. I feel so sad because usually when my dresses or skirts fit too short I kinda hide them away in my closet until I grow the strength to get rid of them. The sequence shirt is a perfect concert shirt! making a statement yet keeping it comfy!

  4. Shasie you look great in both of these outfits. My favorite is the second one, I think I can rock that for a night out with Bruno toooo! haha. Also, kudos to your commitment after one event being canceled, I would have stayed home. Great post, keep it up!

  5. Great choice in pairing the long vest with the dress. I would have never thought of something like that. And damnnnnn girl, you rocked it!

  6. Loving the outfits, especially the dress with the long vest! And your booties are perfect.

  7. I love both outfits !! Super cute doll

  8. Love the longer vest over the short dress - really cool! And the second outfit, such a great concert look!

  9. The Bon Jour top and grey hair are my hands down favorites!

  10. These are awesome! I'm loving that sparkly top so much!


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