SUPER BOWL WEEK: Macy's End Zone Events with Emmitt Smith

Saturday, February 25, 2017

It's no secret that Macy's is one of my favorite department stores. I've had nothing but great experiences shopping there, and working with the brand with collaborations for my blog. Over Super Bowl Weekend, Macy's went all out with End Zone events.   They had so much stuff going on that I actually swung by their events twice.  For their End Zone events, Macy's teamed up with Locker Room by Lids to create a one-of-a-kind experience at the entry to their Macy's Galleria store. The entire front section of the store had been turned into an NFL lover's dream (especially if you were an Atlanta Falcons or New England Patriots' fan)  The middle section housed the customization section, where with any purchase you can have it embroidered with items to make it unique to you. On the left side of the station were all of the Atlanta Falcons team apparel, and to the right, all of the New England Patriots apparel.  Seeing this massive display of team apparel made me even more sad that the Steelers' did not make it to the Super Bowl! It would have been so epic to have my home team represented throughout the city that I live in.

Each day of the End Zone events at Macy's they had a special guest appearance to sign autographs for customers who made a purchase of $50 or more. The first night, Football Hall of Famer, Jim Brown was on the scene for autographs, than Alyssa Milano, followed by Emmitt Smith on Saturday. Due to other Super Bowl related activities, I missed seeing Jim Brown and Alyssa Milano, but I was able to catch Emmitt Smith when I returned to the festivities on Saturday.   On Thursday I did a lot of shopping. It's not every day that the Super Bowl comes to your city, so I wanted memorabilia. I bought several Super Bowl 51 shirts, and even had one of the hats that New Era sent to me embroidered with the Houston skyline/football emblem. 

I had a hard time choosing which patch I wanted embroidered on my hat, but in the end I love the one thatI picked!


I stopped by the MAC station near the End Zone events to have my makeup done! I wanted red to match my shirt!
Did you get to swing by any of the Macy's End Zone events?

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  1. Macy's has always been my go to store. I go way back. I was sad when they did not reopen the one at Northwest Mall that I use to shop at on my lunch hours almost everyday.
    I am so mad I did not get to visit Macy's during the Superbowl. I wanted to catch Alyssa Milano. Looks like it was a good event for Houston and Macy's.

  2. Love the red lipstick! They really went all out with the football theme! It must have been really great to attend so many events centered around the Super Bowl!

  3. This looks like such a fun event! And I love the idea of the customization station! It's a great way to get people interacting with the products! And I would have wanted to see Alyssa Milano too!

  4. I am loving that black super bowl shirt you have on! I used to be obsessed with Macy's then I got a credit card there and well now I only go in with my eyes covered to make my cc payments >.< I admire the visual team for the Superbowl apparel layout! it truly adds to the theme of the event and made it all even more appealing. PS I love your shots! What type of camera do you use??

  5. WOW, Macy's sure did have a fun event. This event looked to be such a good time. I enjoy Macys myself. It's sad they are kind of disappearing in my area. I'm sure events like this really do help though. That apparel sure is amazing though.


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