SUPER BOWL WEEK: Claire Sulmers & The Professional Football Wives Association

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Saturday morning was a bit of a whirlwind for me. I received an invitation from my friend Dorcey to attend the Professional Football Wives Association Sip N Shop at The Webster, followed by the WAGS Redefined brunch at Peli Peli.  In the mix of these two events, I managed to run into one of my favorite Actors, Anthony Anderson, and stopped by both of Claire Sulmer's book signing events. I did all of this before 2 pm on Saturday! It also helped that all of these events were in the Galleria Mall, so I just popped from one event to the next! Check out all of the pictures below. 
Claire Sulmers, Harvard Grad and Founder of The Fashion Bomb Daily
Then, before heading back to Macy's to see Emmitt Sith, I swung by her book signing at Saks 5th Avenue.
I also did a quick outfit change in the car before heading to Macy's!


Before Claire's Meet & Greet at The Webster, I was there hanging out with some members of the PFWA. PFWA stands for Professional Football Wives Association.  PFWA was created by Tenisha Patterson Brown, and LeShonda Martin. The group was created as a network and support group for girlfriends, fiancees and wives of NFL players. I'll admit I was a little nervous walking into The Webster to meet these ladies, but they made me feel right at home! They were so nice. I talked to Tenisha awhile about why she created PFWA. It was also refreshing to know so many of these ladies have their own careers and goals outside of being a football players' wife! The ladies shopped for a bit at The Webster, and I started taking photos of all the fabulous merchandise offered at The Webster. The Webster has very exclusive merchandise. Some of the items available there are exclusively made just for The Webster and can't be found anywhere else. The ladies shopped for a bit at The Webster and then headed to Peli Peli for the WAGS Redefined Brunch. 

Tenisha Brown, LeShonda Martin, Angel Mitchel, & Jordan Nelson

Jordan Nelson with husband Denver Broncos' player Corey Nelson



WAGS Redefined, is a magazine created by LeShonda Martin. I'm trying to figure out what these girls, DON'T do!! I was very inspired by their drive to establish a community for themselves and a change the negative conversation that has plagued the wives of athletes for years. Yes these ladies were gorgeous, and married to men that make millions a year, but they aren't the drama-filled ladies that we see on the TV shows. They were classy, respectful, and genuinely ladies that I would love to get to know better! LeShonda's WAGS Redefined brunch was held at the same time as Anthony Anderson's event at Peli Peli. He came through our event to say hi and that's the moment I asked him to take a selfie!

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  1. You are so fancy!! Love your style! I would love to just hang with you for a day :)

  2. I love that they have their own great. And...can I just say how much I love that white v-neck dress! Gorgeous!

  3. Shasie, these look like such great events! I had no idea the football wives had an association! What a great opportunity for them to be able to relate to one another though!

  4. Your photos are amazing. You looked to have such a fun time. I am loving all the fashionable looks too and those shoes. I sure do love your look and hair, you fit right in.

  5. Shas, so fun that you got to attend all these classy, and sophisticated events! Claire's totally fits your style as well and I'm glad to know that PFWA and WAGS ladies are not like what we see on the t.v. It's good that ladies support each other and build each other, and of course independent! Thanks for sharing!

  6. First off, you look absolutely vibrant in these photos! Second, you amaze me with how much you fit into a day. You meet the most amazing people from your events and it just encourages me to get out more. Glad you had a wonderful time.

  7. What a great round of Super Bowl events for one day! Happy to hear that they were all relatively close, especially in the Galleria area. Meeting Claire, and the PFWA and WAGS women must've been fun. You all look gorgeous! What a treat to have met Anthony Anderson, too!

  8. I had no idea that scene was such a world of its own! You learn something new everyday.


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