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This may have been one of the best Christmases I've had in a long time.  Christmas just hasn't been the same for me since I've become an adult.  A lot of my older family members that I used to see around the Holiday time have passed away.  Going back home to Pittsburgh is sometimes a sad reminder of the family members that I've lost and the pets that I grew up with that have also passed away. The only thing that really makes Christmas great now is watching my niece celebrate! She just turned 4 so she's so  much fun to watch opening presents.  And, of course, the main reason for Christmas is always something to cheer about: The birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; for he TRULY is the reason for the season.  
The cats were definitely apart of our Christmas as well!
But this year I felt that old, giddy childish excitement for Christmas that I used to feel in the past. Why? Because my parents were coming to Houston to celebrate Christmas with me! I haven't seen my parents since Christmas 2015, and since I have no family here I often feel alone. So anytime someone is coming to visit me, it's a great time! My parents have come to Houston twice before, but both of those times were during the hot Summer months. This was their first time visiting me during the Winter.  Well, if you can call Houston's Winter, Winter.  I tried to tell my parents to dress in layers, because the weather is so unpredictable here. One day it's 80 degrees and the next day barely a high of 40 degrees.  It's really hard to plan outfits! My parents arrived the day before Christmas Eve. I was sooooo excited to see them!!!! That night we went out to dinner at Rouxpour. Rouxpour is a favorite Cajun restaurant of mine located at Baybrook Mall. After we picked up dessert at Nestle. They really loved the new outdoor space that Baybrook opened up.  Baybrook Mall did a nice job of decorating the space for Christmas with gigantic reindeer and white Christmas trees. 

On Christmas Day, it was clear that Santa had arrived over night. I of course woke up first and waked up my parents (just like when I was young). We have a tradition on Christmas Day to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus before opening any presents. After our song we divvied up the presents by person. And then we went around the room in order opening up presents. My Mom went first, than my Dad, than me! My parents had asked me for a Christmas list, but I really didn't want anything. I finally caved and told them I wanted the Brookstone cat ear headphones and an emoji pillow! hahaha. They graciously gifted me with the items on my list! Thanks Mom and Dad! As for what I bought for my parents? Well, I had asked them for lists as well, but I also did some random picking out on my own.

Celine Dion Christmas Album

Cashmere Scarf from a Vendor at The Nutcracker Market
My mom loves mugs, so I picked out this cute "Sweater Weather" mug for her!
Chanel trying to become the center of attention.
My parents love historic books, so when I saw this Century of Christmas Memories book, I had to buy it for them. This was a gift to both of them!
My mom asked for heavy socks and slipper boots! They live up north where it gets really cold, so these are a necessity!
My parents love to play card games with friends at their house, so I bought this obnoxiously large deck of cards! Hahaha, I think it will be funny to see them trying to play games with these huge playing cards
Football shaped hand warmers for my Dad. My Dad likes to take the bus to work a lot instead of driving the cars, so on the cold days when he's waiting for the bus he will have hand warmers!
I also picked up 4 Oldies CDs for my Dad: Four tops, Temptations, Beach Boys, and the Beatles
Someone is fascinated with the ornaments on the tree, while the other has "gone lazy".
Lazy no more! What are all these shiny boxes on the floor?
I also bought some clothes for both my Dad and Mom!
Here are the epic cat-ear headphones that my parents bought for me! Definitey my favorite Christmas present. I've been wanting these headphones for over a year! They light up, they can be used as speakers, and they come with a microphone so you can talk to people on the phone.
My mom knows how much I love home decor items so she picked up this candle set from me! They flicker just like real candles and they have a timer! I have them on my coffee table right now! I love them.
The silly thing that I asked for this year was an emoji pillow. I keep seeing them everywhere and I really wanted one. I use emojis like my life depends on it. I eventually want to own all of the emoji pillows!
One of my favorite Christmas movies is The Polar Express. My parents snagged a copy for me for Christmas
After all of the presents were opened we headed to church. I'm a member of Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church, and my parents love going there when they're in town.  I tried to match their outfits so that we looked like we planned our Christmas day outfits on purpose!

After church we went home and prepared a Christmas meal and then later in the evening we headed to my boss' house for her Christmas dinner! It was so nice of my boss to invite myself and my family over. We had such a great time. We really loved her family and near the end of the night we sang songs around the piano! I even played a little bit. You can check out the video of all of us singing Silent Night below:

Decorations at my boss's house.
Channeling my inner elf at my Boss' house!
What did all of you do for Christmas?

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  1. I love the pics and it just makes me happy as I remember the wonderful time we spent with you. Wish we could have captured that time in a bottle but the next best thing is pictures!! Love you so much.

    1. Love you too! I wish you guys could have stayed here forever!

  2. I'm glad you got to see your parents for the holidays!

    1. Thanks Leena! It was such a great time with my family!

  3. Shas, your apartment was decorated to the maxxxx! :P Love it!

  4. Seems like you guys had a great time and the family playing the piano and singing was beautiful!

    1. We had such a great time! I really miss being able to sing with my family more often.

  5. your parents are super nice and your boss seems like such a nice lady outside work 😂

  6. It looks like you had the perfect Christmas! I love family time around the holidays!

  7. That's so cool that your folks came into town for Christmas. Your parents seem like the parents I wish I had.... And those kitties!!! I'm so glad I got to see my nieces!!

    1. They were so happy to see you too!!!! Aww well my parents always take in my friends! I hope one day you'll get to meet them!

  8. Loving your photos. I can agree with you, and this has been one of my favorite Christmas's as well. You looked like you all had a wonderful time. So happy that you got to spend time with your family. Time flies when you have stuff going on.

    1. It does! I felt that they were going to be here for a long time and it just flew by, but I cherish the time I spent with them!


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