Sunday, December 25, 2016

I love supporting local businesses! One of my favorite local businesses/communities is Pop Shop America! Founded by my friend, Brittany Bly, Pop Shop is an awesome organization that supports craftmakers & artisans. They support DIY and handmade companies. Pop Shop hosts several festivals throughout the year where they bring a ton of artisans together to sell their crafts to the public. They also have a new boutique location in the Heights area so that you can shop in between festivals.  I had the pleasure of attending the Winter Festival over Thanksgiving break. I chatted with some old favorites, and discovered new ones! Check out some of my photos below. For all of my photos from the event, head over to my Facebook page

There were several cute puppies around! Talk about being animal friendly! I had to snap their pics. 
I loved these ornaments; especially the Texas shaped ones!
I ran into the fabulous Rong Rong Devoe and her fun fashion illustrations.

Bug in the Box- They find dead butterflies and other bugs and frame them. Recently, I just learned that butterflies only live for a few short weeks! No one ever tells you that when they try to motivate you with the cocoon turns butterfly story!
Dragonflies are my favorite! We have purple ones that fly at our job.
Such a beautiful blue butterfly.

My friend Nadia repping her company Venom!

Such cute beanies!

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  1. I can't believe I'm just now seeing this blog post! Thank you so much for being there and thank you thank you for the lovely recap! I added you with a link back to our press page here: https://popshopamerica.com/press/

    and please always let me know if there's anything else I can do for you. <3 <3 I'm always glad to return the favor.


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