DIY: Mason Jar Holiday Decorations

Sunday, December 18, 2016

I forgot to post my blog post for Thanksgiving decorations, but I plan to still post it, it will just be out of season! Or you can think about it as "early" for next year! Hahaha Anyway, Christmas is my favorite time of year for decorating my place.  I like Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations, but there's just something special about Christmas decor.  With any holiday, decorating even a 1 bedroom apartment can become expensive very quickly. After you buy a tree and all the trimmings, you have to think about the rest of the house.   For me this hasn't been a very expensive venture, because I use artificial trees and re-use them every year. I also have re-used the same Christmas decorations year after year with the theme of red and white.  After a decor set-up I saw at Houston's nutcracker market, I decided that this year, I wanted to switch to blue, white and silver for this year's decor.  Purchasing new lights, and ornaments, turned out to be a tad pricey, so I wanted to find affordable ways to decorate the rest of my apartment, enter the DIY mason jar decorations. 


Mason Jars w/lids (A variety of sizes is best)
I picked up my Mason jars from the "playground" section at the front of Target. They were super cheap. You can also pick up mason jars from Hobby Lobby in the glassware section, but wait for them to be 50% off.

Gift Bows
I picked up two sizes of gift bows from Wal-Mart. These canisters of mini bows are only 97 cents. I also picked up a pack of bigger bows as well.

Garland from the dollar store is more than fine for this DIY. This garland won't be hanging out to shed, so cheaper garland is fine. 

I purchased my ribbon from Wal-Mart.

Vase Fillers
I also saved on filler material by picking it up from the dollar store. It's a little dusty when you open the package, but again, since it will be inside a mason jar with the lid on, a cheaper filler will do just fine. 

Last but not least, ornaments. I picked up these packs of ornaments at Wal-Mart.

You may have noticed that all of my materials fit the silver, white, and blue theme that I started with my tree. You can of course pick out whatever colors you want for your Mason jars. 

All of these mason jar ideas are very easy and quick.  My biggest tip for the bow jar is not to stuff them with bow. You want them to be visible and shaped correctly, not squished. It's OK if there's some gaps between the bows and the sides and tops of the jars. 

STEP 2: Tape the bows to the bottoms of the mason jars and stack up.

I finished just slightly below the top line with one bow.

OPTIONAL STEP 4: The jars are pretty without the ribbon, but if you want additional flair, add a festive ribbon around the lid. Take a roll of ribbon and measure around the circumference of the lid.  Go slightly longer than circumference.
STEP 5: Fold Ribbon. My ribbon was too wide, and I only wanted the ribbon to go around the threaded part of the lid, so I folded it over.  These glues worked okay...but you may want to use fabric glue, or you can buy thinner ribbon. 

FINISHED PRODUCTS: Here are two jars, one with the ribbon and one without.
I use mason jars all the time for vases. I buy filler material and stick faux flowers in them. I use fake flowers because I have cats, and they like to eat everything, and there are some real flowers, like poinsettas that are poisonous to them. For this DIY, I'm using the fillers by themselves.

STEP 1: Fill mason jar to the top with filler (rocks, pebbles, whatever) and reattach lid.  Measure ribbon around the circumference of the jar.
STEP 2: Leave overlap with the ribbon.
STEP 3: Again, I thought my ribbon was too wide, so I cut it in half.
STEP 4: Using scotch tape, I taped the first ribbon layer down. Pull it taught.
STEP 5: Add another piece of tape going perpendicular to the ribbon. You can also try double sided tape so you don't have the bulge from he rolled tape on your final product.
STEP 6: Wrap another layer of ribbon going perpendicular to the existing ribbon for a cross affect. It doesn't mater if you can see where the ribbon overlaps because Step 7 will cover it.

STEP 7: FINISHED PRODUCT: Stick a bow on top of the taped areas to cover them up! 

STEP 1: Fill mason jar with ornaments, add lid and then attach a bow

For the bigger mason jars, I used garland. 

Another option: Fill a big mason jar with a mixture of bows AND ornaments

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  1. How adorable! I did similar in my house with clear vases!

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

  2. I really like the jar of tinsel...I'll have to remember that one!

  3. Oh my gosh this project is so adorable. I should think about trying this out for next Christmas. I also love that you picked the blue and silver theme. It is so pretty.

  4. These turned out adorable and so cute! I especially love the garland jar!


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