FASHION X HOUSTON: Opening Night Ambience

Thursday, November 03, 2016

If you live in Houston, or have been following the fashion scene in Houston you'll notice that we've had several different Houston Fashion Weeks over the years. In fact, if you are new to Houston, it could be very confusing.  We've had HFIG Fashion Week, Houston International Fashion Week, Fashion Houston, Heart of Fashion, Houston Fashion Week, & Runway Houston.  Now we have Fashion X Houston.  Fashion X Houston debuted for the first time in Houston, mid-October after several successful launches in nearby cities, Austin and Dallas.  Based on what I previewed on social media from the Fashion X events in the other cities, I was pretty excited for Fashion X to come to Houston. I really hope that this will be our fashion week with staying power.  

Opening Night was October 13th, and the event lasted 3 days. Fashion X was held at Silver Street Studios which is a great space for runway events. I was lucky enough to obtain press passes for all three nights from my friends at the PR Boutique.  I have so many photos from Fashion X that I'll have to split my coverage into several blog posts starting with this one. Fashion X was very organized.  Upon arrival, they had a host at the door to check tickets, then there was a table on the inside to complete check in. Immediately across from the check-in tables was the first step & repeat.  Fashion X Houston was sponsored by Cadillac, so there were several 2017 Cadillacs on display. I love Cadillacs! I've been a huge Cadillac fan for years! My media passes came with VIP status and I was able to enter the VIP lounge. Each night in the VIP Lounge there were complimentary beverages and food from local restaurants. 

The set-up for the wide open space beyond the VIP lounge was very nicely done. There were two rows of vendors and dessigners selling jewelry, handbags, and clothes for guests to check out during the hour prior to the start of the fashion show. At the entrance to the rows of vendors, there was a cute booth sponsored by Chloe Wine. They had a great step & repeat contest going.  Further back, there was a slow-motion photo booth. Slow motion photo booths have become my new favorite!!!! Check out my videos below:

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  1. Of course more fashion events happen when I move Wish I could've been there... Maybe next year.


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