Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A few weeks ago I was invited to attend an event hosted by The Mommie Series. I was invited by my good friend Liz Werber who was working the event for The Community Cloth.  The Community Cloth is a non-profit organization in Houston that helps refugee women in the area find a source of income.  This particular Mommie Series event was benefiting The Community Cloth. To be honest, I had never heard of The Community Cloth until my friend Liz started working there, but I'm glad I was able to attend this event and learn more about it.  I also learned more about The Mommie Series organization. To be honest again, I don't pay a lot of attention to anything related to being a Mom or being a parent, since I'm not one yet, but the information that was shared at this event was helpful to anyone, parent or otherwise! I was very impressed by the event, the turnout and the speakers. 

The event was held at Blue Leaf Houston. This was my first time stepping into Blue Leaf. I love discovering new shops in Houston. I have a special place in my heart for shops that used to be homes; they just feel so cozy inside. Blue Leaf is essentially a gift and home decor shop. At the time of this event, the inside of the shop was stocked full of decorations for Halloween. I can't wait until I own a house, because I'm going to go even MORE crazy with holiday decorations. They also had a very impressive stationary section, and gifts for men! I spent the networking portion of the event, doing some shopping! :-p.  I did run into Jenetiqa CEO Christiane Waldron, and I of course visited The Community Cloth station. 

Jenetiqa Co-Founder, Christian Waldron (L)
My good friend Liz manning the Community Cloth station!
Just a few of the lovely hand-woven items made by the ladies at The Community Cloth. They sell these items for income. 

In the same area as The Community Cloth, there was a station set-up for a new start-up called HERO 3. HERO 3 , which stands for Healthy Environment Reinforced Online, is basically an online filter to keep your kids from accidentally (or purposely..teehee) traveling to a website that they shouldn't be viewing.  It's launching as an app, so it will work on cell phones and ipads as well. They are currently looking for beta test users! If you are interested, check out their website!

The main portion of the event was held outside between the two buildings that belong to Blue Leaf.   The outdoor space was decorated for Christmas. I thought it was funny that in a matter of steps I went from a Halloween Wonderland, to a Christmas Wonderland. Turns out there was a reason for the Christmas decorations outside, it was part of the event to show us how to create those gorgeous ribbon bows that are seen on Christmas Trees.  There were several speakers that night: Greg Amos, Co-Founder of Hero 3, a doctor from The Women's Hospital, Joyce Marie founder of Barrier Breaking Consulting, Karen Aranky from Blue Leaf and Kate, co-founder of the Community Cloth. It was this evening that I learned Houston is the number one city in the country for refugees. I honestly had no idea! Especially with today's climate of trying to send refugees away, I feel even more empowered to help them as much as I can.

Misti, the founder of The Mommie Series doing introductions.

Kate with The Community Cloth

Greg Amos, co-Founder of HERO 3

Joyce Marie, Barrier Breaker Coaching

Doctor from The Women's Hospital

Karen and her assistant teaching us how to make the ribbon bows.

I had a really great time at this event, and I was happy to attend to not only support my friend Liz but to learn more about The Community Cloth, and additional information about businesses in our city!

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  1. Thanks for attending Shasie!! It was a great even and loved your write-up! Liz


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