WHAT I WORE: Culottes

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

If you're like me, you find yourself going between work and fashion events with very little time in between.  It makes it hard to go home and completely change your outfit and still arrive to your event on time. There are three ways I get around this time constraint:
1. Plan Ahead
2. Wear the outfit that you plan to wear to the event to work
3. Bring the outfit that you plan to wear to work and change at the office
4. Wear a look that you can quickly transition to evening by adding or swapping 1 or 2 things. 
5. Keep makeup at work

This culotte look was a result of option 3. I wore this exact look to work, except I wore skinny jeans. When I got home, I quickly changed out the skinny jeans for the culottes. I could have worn the skinny jeans to the event because they were chic enough, but I've been dying to wear these culottes ever since I picked them up last week! Culottes are a great article of clothing to wear during our "warm" fall weather.  They are wide leg and come just below the knees, so they allow airflow, and still give the presence of dressing for Fall! Shout out to my home girl, Mimi Irvin at Official Corporate Chic for taking these photos of me.

Necklace: Kendra Scott // Turtleneck: Merona (Target) // Culottes: Merona (Target) // Boots: Nine West // Watch: Michael Kors


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