Thursday, October 06, 2016

Well it may be Fall, but it sure doesn't feel like it. This time of year is particularly hard for those of us still stuck in warmer climates. We want to wear the heavier, darker colored  garments of Fall, but are stopped by persistent 90 degree temperatures. On most days, I still want to wear shorts and sandals! However, there are some Fall pieces that you can use to transition your Summer clothing to Fall. 

Blazers will never go out of style, and with a plethora of fit options, you can find the perfect blazer for your body shape! Add a blazer to a summer dress, or to a spring jumpsuit, to make it work for Fall!

Blazer Transition

Motorcycle Jackets
I love a great motorcycle jacket. I personally go for the faux leather moto jackets, but whether its real of fake, a bomber jacket will add an edge to any look!
Motorcycle Jacket

Boots are a great way to transition clothes as well! You can wear boots with short skirts, or shorts. You can pair them with a Summer dress or maxi!
Boots Transition - Fall 2016

For the few and far between cool nights at the start of fall, you may want to add a pair of tights or leggings to your shorter garments!

Tights Transition

I like to add turtlenecks under tank tops and dresses! They turn any top that's too cold for Fall to the perfect vest.

Turtleneck Transition

What are some pieces you use to transition your Spring wardrobe to Fall?

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