The House That Launched a 1000 Goals

Thursday, October 20, 2016

I'd like to think that I've been pretty blessed in my life with achieving my goals: graduating with honors, attending a prestigious college, obtaining a well-paying job, and yet there is still one goal that I have yet to achieve; owning a home. It's not that I couldn't have owned home by now... but there are several factors that have delayed it. When I first started working post-graduation, I moved around pretty frequently, almost 5 years of moving before I settled in Houston, Texas. I also had a goal to purchase a home with my future I've been patiently waiting. However, since I'm 32 and still single, it's probably time to move on with my goals on my own! While there's nothing wring with being a single gal, I would like to meet my future person sometime soon! I do enjoy having freedom and being able to do what I want, when I want without having to be accountable to anyone! That is a very nice perk of being single! However, a dual income for a home would be very nice.  

My home buying bug has been extremely strong of late. I love homes and I'm obsessed with HGTV. I can watch renovation and home buying shows all day. I even stop by random open houses when I see them to check out the home. I have so many ideas for my future house, it's overwhelming! But, you have to start somewhere, right? Well now I have another home to add to my inspiration list.  The other day I attended a Student Design Showcase hosted by Catwalks & Classrooms at a home in the Houston Heights Area. At first I thought the building was an event space (that's how perfect it was), and when I found out that it was someone's home...I was even more impressed. I didn't catch the name of the homeowner, but I heard something about him being a performing artist.  Every thing in this home was perfect, from the all white exterior color, to the amazing attention to detail with the home decor. I definitely took a million notes! Check out the home for yourself:

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