Stellar Makeup Tips from Gucci Celebrity Makeup Artist Aaron Smith Henrikson

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Lately, I've been becoming more and more obsessed with makeup. Don't get me wrong, I've always liked wearing makeup, but I was never obsessed with it. I've always owned just the basic items: an eye shadow quad, eyeliner, and some lipsticks.  I would never follow makeup trends, staying true to old faithful applications that worked for my face. However, due to this blog, I've been invited to a plethora of beauty events and received numerous products.  This has opened my eyes to the wonderful world of beauty! I now find myself purchasing items that I never would have considered before, and using application techniques that I've picked up from some of my favorite MUAs (Makeup Artists).  Boy, how things have changed!  

One of the recent makeup events I attended was hosted by the Gucci Beauty Counter at Saks 5th Avenue. The event was held to promote their new Fall/Winter 2016  beauty collection. Gucci partnered with celebrity makeup artist Aaron Smith Henrikson.  Aaron has a very impressive work history! He has spent 10 years doing makeup for the world's top fashion shows with world-renowned makeup artist Pat McGrath and has done makeup looks for Madonna, Cara Delevigne & Karlie Kloss. His work can also be seen in high fashion editorials for Vogue, Elle & Marie Claire.  Oh you big deal! Ha! But Aaron was very chill and humble. He was so much fun to talk too! 
With Professional Makeup Artist Aaron Smith Henrikson (IG: @VisionAaron)
I started off my makeup session by learning a little bit more about Aaron. Aaron's background is actually in linguistics. He graduated from Yale University with his degree. I asked him if he still practiced:
"Makeup is the way I make my living. It has been a way for me to travel the world and use all of the languages by meeting people in different countries and working with models from all over the world." Aaron is always looking for different opportunities to  Always looking for different opportunities to practice his languages and learn new words in different languages, "Here in Texas, I hope to learn some local expressions or words that are different from what I learned growing up in Southern California." Aaron also lived in Italy for awhile, and even Allentown, PA! We bounded over shared experiences living in Allentown. I lived there for several Summers as an intern at my previous place of employment.
After a brief chat, we got started on my Makeup look. I personally like when MUAs ask me what type of look I'm for for instead of just going with whatever they want to do. Everyone is different when it comes to their makeup preferences and a good MUA should listen to your concerns and adhere to your requests. I, of course being the bold person that I am, wanted a bold smokey eye look! Aaron was pleased, because he loves to work with clients that love to experiment and play with color, "Your face is the same as getting dressed. The clothes you were dictate how people perceive you and it's the same way with your makeup. It determines how people perceive and interact with you." I loved Aaron's philosophy on makeup! He also has a really amazing Instagram feed, "So many makeup artists show makeup on their feed, I wanted mine to be different, and more unique to me. When I travel, I design my own clothes and share pictures from around the world. IG is more about the lifestyle I'm able to have by being a global makeup artist." You can follow Aaron on Instagram at VisionAaron.
I also told him that I have very dry skin, which he could see right away! We started off with Gucci's Lightweight Moisturizer and sealed it with priming serum. The Gucci Priming Serum is aqueous based so it helps seal moisture! It's also lightweight and doesn't add weight to the overall makeup look.  It's one of Aaron's favorites because he can use it on all ages.  After that we went through the different products as he used them on my face! He had some great application tips which I have summed up below:

  1. Exfoliate before a major makeup sessions (photoshoots, etc.). Exfoliate right after a shower with a towel on the driest spots. Our skin is always regenerating, so it's always good to exfoliate
  2. Apply Moisturizer - On darker skin it's even more important to moisturize. The term ashy that is used in the African-American community is because dry skin cells form a layer on the skin and trap air, turning gray. And while this gray hue occurs on all skin types it's easier to see on higher pigmented skin.
  3. Seal Moisturizer with Primer - Use a moisturizing primer to seal moisture. Also look for a lightweight primer
  4. Increase eye makeup intensity when wearing glasses; wearing glasses reduces makeup intensity by 30%
  5. Keep different shades of foundations to deal with fluctuations in skin tones across Seasons
  6. When using a finishing powder over foundation, choose a warmer foundation because the powder tends to cool down the foundation
  7. Gucci long wear eye pencils last all day and work best without primer on the eyelids. They last longer when they stick directly to the skin.
  8. Choosing Foundation- It's very hard to find one foundation that works for your entire face. It's best to mix foundations for an overall even hue. Everyone has a lot of shades in their skin, and darker complexions tend to be higher pigmented around the mouth and forehead and lighter on the cheekbones.  Use darker foundations on the cheekbones and lighter foundations around the mouth and forehead.
  9. Outside-In - Most women apply eyeliner and eye shadows from the inside out. Applying from the outer edge inward gives more structure to the outside, and gets the most coverage between liner and lashes
  10. Natural Blend Affect - Use the Gucci Long Wear Eye Pencil in black as a base on the lash line. Eye shadow applied over pencil will be darker, and as you move up the eye with the eye shadow it will be lighter, giving a natural blend affect.
  11. Soft Eye - Smudge eyeliner for a softer look. The Eye Pencil sets in 30 seconds, so smudge quickly
  12. Combat Humidity - Instead of the eyebrow pencil to shape the brow, use one of the long-wear eye pencils and apply with a brush. Brush gives a more natural brow look.
  13. Applying Mascara - Lift top lid to get to the bottom of the lash and the outside corner.
  14. Drama - For more dramatic eye, add some color mascara over the black mascara
  15. Stained Lips - For a stain look instead of harsh, apply lip color with fingers.
  16. Applying Blush - Start from the back and apply in a figure 8 pattern. Fill in with a lipstick shade for more definition.
  17. Contouring - Can contour very softly using eye shadow shades from the hairline on down.

Contour: Blended two brown eye-shadows shades


Face Sheer Blushing Powder - Nude Freesia

Gucci Matte lipstick is actually moisturizing. They formulated the lipstick with matte oils that give moisturizing properties but are hidden, so that the lipstick doesn't appear glossy. It's selling out EVERYWHERE!



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  1. I also have family in the Allentown, PA area, what a small world! He sounds like he was super informative and fun to talk to and I love all the tips! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Cheers, J

  2. How interesting that your make up artist is a Yale graduate with a specialty in linguistics. It goes to show that we are all so multi-faceted. I love having my make up professionally done because I am suck a novice when it comes to make up application.

  3. That's cool that you guys both lived in Allentown. What a cool guy! Can he do my! lol

  4. Great tips! You look beautiful!

  5. These are awesome tips! Love the look! What a fun day of being pampered!

  6. That's so interesting that he still uses the skills he learned in school in an alternative career field! Yeesh, I didn't even know what linguistics was until after college 😛

  7. What a cool experience! Love that he tailor-made the look to suit what you wanted!

  8. Oh my gosh!! I love. I love how you always have so many fun experiences on your blog. It is so inspiring.

  9. Your makeup looks flawless! I love those colors and tips! - Lindsey Lyons

  10. Awesome. You look great! I'm happy for you. Best makeup artists are really one of a kind.


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