Magpies & Peacocks Presents: Catwalks & Classrooms 2016 Student Design Showcase

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Last week I had the pleasure of attending Magpies & Peacock's Annual Student Design Showcase, titled Catwalks & Classrooms. Magpies & Peacocks is a local non-profit agency with a strong focus on the sustainability and the upcycling of fashion textiles & accessories.  Magpies and Peacocks receive donations through their reoccurring Closet Deposit events that are held around town at local boutiques.  In turn a portion of the donations are given to art and fashion design students to turn into a collection that can be sold to further help raise money for the organization. The designs are presented at the Annual Catwalks & Classroom event and judges pick out the best design! This year's judges were Houston Vintage Owner, Dawn Bell, Union & Fifth co-founder, Christina Reinhard, Celebrity Stylist Rene Garza, and Giving Closet Founder Sam Russell. 

The event was held last Wednesday at La Maison Blanche; an amazing home located in the heights area. I fell in love with this house, as soon as I pulled up to valet. From the outside it's completely white, and inside there is a ton of attention to detail. I loved the house so much, that I'm dedicating a future post this week just to the home alone! The house was the perfect location for a designer showcase. All of the designs were outside along a beautiful deck, and lining a slim pool area.  The designs were on funky models posed in crates. The crates and the colorful models really added a nice touch to the looks, and the event.  It was definitely unique! I spoke to a few of the students when I found some near their designs. One young lady was studying at the Glassell School of Art. 

In addition to viewing the designs, Magpies & Peacocks pulled out all the stops.  The Art Institute of Houston Culinary school provided lite bites, and cocktails. There was also a silent auction, and tunes spun by DJ Athenz. The kitchen area was set up with a few high cafe tables, and every one shows up in their best fashions! I had a really great time, and wish that I could have stayed longer, but I was super tired from work! Check out photos from the event below:



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  1. So many great outfits! I think the yellow dress is my favorite. There's just something about yellow!

  2. Looks like a great event with lots of talent!

    Amber |

  3. This event looked amazing. I totally would love to attend an event like that. You are so lucky.

  4. This looks like such an awesome event. I am sure the students loved being able to share their creations with the general public. I used to sew when I was younger but I was never this creative.

  5. Love seeing talent in Houston! Such a great event to showcase what seems to be some great future designers.

  6. Wish I could have gone to this event..everything looks amazing

  7. That venue is everything!! How very, very beautiful! Such a great opportunity for all the students too.


  8. How cool! The displays look awesome!


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