Thursday, July 14, 2016

This is a sponsored post. I received a complimentary meal in exchange for a review! Thoughts and opinions are my own!

After exploring the hotel, it was time for our dinner at Ten Bar & Lounge.  The lounge is one of 3 eating options located in the Hotel, and it's very nice! I's a restaurant, bar, and pool hall combined. We decided to sit on the bar side of the restaurant because we loved all of the natural light that was coming in from the huge windows at the bar. The windows faced the open lobby area of the hotel and allowed all the sun from the skylights in the lobby to shine on the bar area.  Also the light was great to take photos of the food!!  Once seated we checked out the menus! Yes they have several menus, one for Happy Hour and one with full restaurant options. Ten Bar & Lounge just introduced a new menu to their guests, and we got to try items off of the menu.  We had a great time sampling the food, but the best part about the experience was meeting the Executive Chef. 

The chef came out to personally meet us, deliver and talk about the food. He was even great with Heather being vegetarian, because they didn't really have vegetarian options on the menu.  When he came to our table he asked her what she liked and he create a veggie sandwich for her and a custom risotto.  It was so awesome that the chef and the restaurant didn't just dismiss her with, "Sorry, we don't have any options for you!" We were so impressed with this, that we had to take a photo with the Chef.  
It's also cool to eat in the lounge because you have several dining options. You can sit at the bar, or at the high tables near the bar, or in the front tables that are more restaurant style.  If you want to enjoy a game of billiards or watch a game, the back area has comfy couches and several pool tables. It's a great spot for a night cap as well!  

This is a new menu for Ten Bar & Lounge curated by the Executive Chef. Just check out these yummy options! I really wish I could have tried a little bit of everything!

Duck Soup. This was my first time having duck!
Meatloaf sandwich!
Yummy Crab Risotto.
For dessert I ordered the bread pudding.

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