EVENT RECAP: Comicpalooza Day 3

Friday, July 01, 2016

For day 3 of Comicpalooza, I decided to dress up. I didn't don a full costume, but I wore all black, a white wig, cat ears, and the harley quinn mask that I purchased the day before. I told everyone I was a DC/Marvel mashup of Harley Quinn and Black Cat.  I apologize for the lower quality photos in this post. I arrived with my DSLR in tow to capture awesome moments on the final day and realized I had left my battery charging in the wall at home. All of the photos for this post were taken from my phone, so apologies in advance!

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I spent most of the last day in the vendor area. I did stop by a few Q&A sessions and I'll share more about that later.  Day two I was on a mission to find Flash earrings, and day three I wanted an artist rendition of The Flash.  There were a lot of Flash illustrations, but I was waiting for the one that would stick out to me and I found it at Cory Smith's booth.  I'm pretty sure I stopped by his booth last year, but this time I purchased something. Cory Smith spends hours illustrating a live-action shot from a movie or TV show. He only does one of each sketch in full color, and the rest start off black and white, and you can pay to keep adding color to it over time. The base illustrations start off with just the eyes colored. I purchased a sketch of The Flash and one of Arrow. I really wanted the Loki one as well, but I passed on it this time!  

After making my purchases I swung by Kel Mitchell's Q&A Session.  If you grew up in the 90s you may remember a Nickelodeon show called All That? From All That there was a spinoff show Keenan and Kel, and then a movie called Good Burger. Kel was one of the main actors in all of those shows. Now he's back on Nickelodeon starring on a show called Game Shakers! After Kel's session, I headed over to catch the tail end of Peter Mayhew's session. Peter Mayhew has played Chewbacca in all 7 Star Wars films.  I stopped by another session on Sci-Fi to reality that was led by FBI Houston Computer Scientist James Morrison. The chat was amazing, and we ended the conversation talking about cyber security and tips to help fight against identity theft. 

Watch Kel Mitchell's Q&A Session below or on YouTube

In addition to the Arrow and Flash sketches, I purchased these colored illustrations from another vendor. This season of the Flash was good with Zoom. Even thought I wasn't a fan of the ending of the season, I think Zoom was such a good villain because he seemed unstoppable. The vendor threw in the Reverse Flash with my deal. And of course I had to have a Captain America illustration! I have since purchased frames for all of these and now I'm trying to figure out where to hang them! 

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