EVENT RECAP: Comicpalooza Day 2 Part II

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Day 2 was full of so many activities for me that I had to split it into 2 posts! Here's part 2! After I finished checking out the gaming areas at Comicpalooza, I headed back downstairs to the exhibit hall. I was on a mission to find a pair of flash earrings. It took me awhile to make my way through all the rows of vendors. It seemed like a million vendors were there and I wanted to stop at every booth. If there was something nerdy to buy, I wanted it! Things I didn't even know I wanted like a Captain America sweatshirt (more on that later).  If there was something you wanted, I'm 100% sure that you would have been able to find it at one of the 100s of booths.  I even stopped by one booth and they were doing 3D printing. The exhibit hall had a lot of events as well. One end of the hall was home for the BMX stunt bike events, while the other side was full of celebrities signing autographs and completing photo-ops with fans!

There were a bunch of photo-op opportunities. Here you could take a photo with a Rebel snow speeder recognizable from the 5th installment of Star Wars movies, Empire Strikes Back. Peep BB-8! He was active and rolling around, but during this picture he was taking a break.

I succeeded in finding my earrings and I also purchased a Harley Quinn inspired mask.   I wore the mask for the rest of the day. It was the perfect fit to work around my glasses! With my new mask en tow, I headed into the Kate Beckinsale panel. I love Kate Beckinsale; she's one of my favorite actresses. I've been a fan of her since Pearl Harbor. I  also love the Underworld series and Van Helsing. Kate mentioned there was another Underworld movie in the works! She was super friendly to everyone that asked her questions during the panel, and she was really, funny. She cracked jokes about being the kid of parents who were already actors, and how they weren't that thrilled that she wanted to get into acting. 

After the Kate Beckinsale panel I took an uber to an off-site Comicpalooza Blogger/Podcaster Meet & Greet at Skyhouse Main.  Skyhouse is a new residential high-rise in the middle of the city, that has an amazing pool and lounge area on the roof. Skyhouse is blogger friendly and I've attended several parties on the roof of Skyhouse over the last year.  It was great mingling with the other bloggers and podcasters. When the party was coming to an end, I headed back to Comicpalooza and was just in time for celebrity karaoke.  Ming Chen from the TV Show Comic Book Men pulled together a celebrity karaoke event to raise money for charity. To attend guests could pay $25 - $40 with the money going to a charity.  

Blogger/Podcaster party at Skyhouse Main Street

The actresses who did the voices of Young Elsa and Anna in Frozen participated in the Karaoke as well, and guess what they sang? Yep...."Let it Go"...haha!

The karaoke was fun, but I didn't stay the whole time because I wanted to catch the CSz Houston team do their version of Star Wars unscripted.  This was probably one of the better highlights of the day as well! They did such a good job interpreting Star Wars with just a few actors and props. It was very funny!

The very last thing I checked out on Saturday was the Live Artist Auction. This is another favorite segment of mine. Artists from everywhere come and do live art right in front of us.  They each have a sheet of paper where people can right down silent bids to win their pieces of art at the end of the night. The money goes back to charity. There's everything from sketch artists to cake decorators!

Come back tomorrow to check out my last post on Comicpalooza. I'll be sharing my day 3 adventures!

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