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Monday, June 06, 2016

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It's no secret that it likes to rain here in Houston. On any given day, we can see the weather go from hot and sunny to hot and rainy in a matter of minutes.  With this much rain, a girl needs an umbrella! Unfortunately, I've had nothing but bad luck when it comes to umbrellas. I either lose them or they break upon first contact with heavy weather (and there's nothing light about the weather here). I've even had an umbrella STOLEN from me. Yes, I kid you not. I had one "disappear" at a fashion event one time, leaving me to run to my car with a plastic bag over my head. Needless to say, when ShedRain approached me about checking out their Spring/Summer 2016 umbrella collection, I was ready! 

When it comes to umbrellas, the number one thing that's important to me is durability. If it can't hold up when it actually rains (and I don't mean a light sprinkle), than I don't want it. Having that said, the ShedRain umbrellas are durable AND fashionable. I've had my ShedRain umbrella for an entire month now, and I've used it over and over again on some pretty bad storm days. Not only has it held up, but it's become a great accessory for all of my rainy day looks!  The designers for ShedRain created fashion forward designs for the umbrellas based on the runways of Paris, London, and New York and took inspiration from street style. 

The umbrella print options were so fun, that I had a very hard time picking out an umbrella. I started off by picking the "type" of umbrella that I wanted and narrowed down the print options from there.  I knew right away that I wanted a stick umbrella. Even though they can't fit in a handbag, they've always lasted the longest for me; plus it's fun to walk around swinging the umbrella (don't hit anyone!)  However, a stick umbrella is more likely to be forgotten. Since it's in your hand you can easily set it down somewhere and walk-off.  Shedrain, does offer compact umbrellas as well. In fact they offer a few options when it comes to choosing an umbrella. You can find some that are auto-open and some that are manual. There are some that are vented and non-vented. I even saw a square shaped umbrella!  No matter your preference in rain gear, you will find your umbrella here.  What if you aren't into a crazy print? Don't fret! ShedRain has traditional colors and styles of umbrellas as well. 

Snapshot taken from

For my preference I chose the umbrella in the above snapshot.  It's called Spot On.  You can view it here on the website as well. Spot On has some color options and it's auto-open. The Spot On has extra ribbing (the spines that go down the fabric) which helps improve its durability and it's sized for one person.  If you're a mom or dad with kids and you want to be able to cover them as well you may want to check out the 2-3 person umbrellas. I would use a two person umbrella as well to cover my laptop and anything else that may extend out from the cover of a single person umbrella. It also comes with different color options as well. I fell in love with this umbrella because of the polka dot trim!  Even better? It's only $35.00.  

As I mentioned earlier I had the HARDEST time picking an umbrella. I narrowed it down to two, for ShedRain to do the final pick between, and they were nice enough to send me both, so you will see the other umbrella in a post soon as well! Here are some of the other umbrellas that I loved on the website:

 Umbrella photos from

Photos in this post taken by Leena Vuor


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  1. I really like the striped and the red/clear umbrellas that you posted. Like you, I've definitely had unfortunate mishaps with umbrellas, so now I rarely use them. But this company brings hope, as to better-made umbrellas! :)

  2. These are so pretty! And perfect for all of this crazy Houston rain!


  3. I've wanted a clear umbrella for so long! Saving this store link now!

  4. Love how umbrellas now and days have a little taste to them now.

  5. So cute !!!! With all the rain a cute umbrella could brighten a damp day!

  6. LOVE THIS! I seriously need an umbrella!! & These are super cute!! - Lindsey Lyons

  7. These are fun! I need the pink one in my life!

  8. Can you believe I don't own an umbrella?!?! I definitely need one with all this rain we've been getting. Love yours and that fun yellow striped one.

  9. After the last few weeks it's definitely clear I need more umbrellas! Thanks for making the rain seem at least a little exciting ;)


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