HCC SPRING FASHION SHOW: Shear Dimensions - Part II

Monday, May 23, 2016

Time for round two of the HCC Spring Fashion Show, titled Shear Dimensions. You can check out the first installment of this post along with the first 10 Senior Fashion Design Collections here! Here are the other 10 collections as promised.  As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm so impressed by the talent of this graduating class.  Some long-tern designers could really learn from some of these ambitious students!! Which of these collections do you like the best?
Designer: Erica D. Medran / Collection: La Adelita Collection

Designer: Maria Hammond /  Collection: Resilience

Designer: Jessica Guardiola / Collection: En Garde

Designer: Kitty Dupas / Collection: La Rapture

Designer: Claudia Covarrubias / Collection: La Vie en Rose

Designer: Katya Blakey / Collection: Black Swan

Designer: Monika Pham / Collection: Femme Fatale

Designer: Nhan Doan / Collection: Walking Flowers

Designer: Criseyda Arriaza / Collection: Eclipse
Designer: Alan Gonzales / Collection: Glacier
I definitely have some favorites from this second set. My top 3 collections from round 2 are as follows:

1.  Erica D. Medrano - La Adelita Collection

2. Jessica Gardiola - En Garde

3.  Alan Gonzales - Glacier

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