Bayou City Art Festival Turns 45

Sunday, May 08, 2016

One of my favorite events to go to in Houston is the Bayou City Art Festival. Apparently, I'm not the only one, because over 20,000 people attended the festival last weekend. The festival ran from Friday, April 29th through Sunday, May 1st.  This is an exciting year for the festival because it turned 45!! The twice a year festival was started in 1972 by the Art Colony Association and since then has raised more than a million dollars to help local nonprofit organizations. I've had the privilege of covering the Art Festival for a few years now and it's one of my favorite places to spend a relaxing Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  I love visiting some of my favorite repeat exhibitors and discovering new ones, like April Murphy. Every year the festival picks an artist to feature as their 'Featured Artist'. This year the lucky recipient was Houston native April Murphy.  April is an extremely talented artist and just recently completed her 500th painting. If you missed her booth at the festival or were unable to attend you can learn more about her work here:

While I love paintings and amazing photography, I actually don't have any more wall space left in my apartment, but I collect all the cards of artwork that I love for when I buy my house! Since I'm in looking for a house mode, all the booths that contained anything home decor capture my attention. I'm pretty sure I would need a mansion to fit all of the home decor items that I saw and fell in love with. One of my favorites was Amber Marshall's booth:

As a fashion blogger I love the jewelry booths. I'll buy jewelry anywhere, but there's something great about purchasing from an artisan who has made everything you're looking at by hand. They're one of a kind pieces, and I love having things that are unique and aren't available in mainstream stores. There were so many booths and so little time and in typical Houston fashion, it was a pretty hot day. I had to take a break to hydrate and take in some shade and some yummy food.  I love that BCAF brings in food trucks for their festival. It's another great way to give back to local businesses and food trucks are all the rage. I tried a new food truck this year, well, new to me! It's called the Waffle Bus. I can now say that I've had my first waffle burger, and it was delicious. One more thing to check off the bucket list.  

If you missed BCAF last weekend, don't fret! The festival happens twice a year and the second edition will be held downtown usually in October. I will keep you updated! For now you can check out my photos from last weekend:

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