LIFESTYLE: Spring Cleaning With Maid N Houston & A Discount Code

Sunday, May 29, 2016

This is a sponsored post. Thank you to Maid N Houston for this review opportunity.

Most of you know that I work a full-time job as an Engineer. Some weeks are harder than others trying to balance a dual life between Engineering and Blogging. I find it hard to keep up with the little things around the house and as the number of little things pile up, the bigger they become. Whether it's just doing the dishes or finding time to read my mail, there never seems to be enough time in the day. I'm also single so I don't have a husband or kids to help me with some of these day to day chores and tasks; all of it falls on me. I try to save these tasks for the weekend, but now my weekends are pretty booked, and my apartment has suffered the consequences. 

Enter Maid N Houston. Maid N Houston, is Houston's newest cleaning service, and they reached out to me to review their services on my blog for all of you.  I couldn't have been more eager. I've been telling myself for a few months now that I need to hire someone to come in and whip my place into shape, and this opportunity came at just the right time. I don't think there's anything wrong with reaching out to other people to help you, or paying for services to make your life a little bit easier.  It's hard enough to maintain balance on your own, so why not have help? I'm also a big advocate for paying for convenience and to be honest, I simply detest household chores. I'd rather not do them...even if I have time. There's always something else I'd rather be blogging or catching up on sleep.  

It was super easy to set up my appointment. I just went to and clicked the book in 60 seconds button. All of the steps to complete the booking are listed in one form. There are no contracts, and you can cancel at anytime (please note there are cancellation fees past a certain time). I have every other Friday off from my Engineering job due to working a 9/80 schedule, so I booked my appointment  on May 6th for 9:00 am.  The appointments are slotted for 2 hour time slots and you can add extra items to your session like cleaning the inside of your kitchen cabinets or the inside of your refrigerator. Once you submit your booking you receive an email stating that your booking was received but not confirmed until they know that they have technicians available for your selected time slot.  A day later the booking was confirmed. It was a pretty quick turnaround.  If this is your first time ordering the service, I'd recommend going ahead and creating an account. I was able to log in and see that my booking was confirmed and the name of my technician/team. 

The only thing I would improve upon for Maid in Houston, is the availability of the contact information of my technician or team lead. On the day of my cleaning, I realized I forgot to provide the gate code for my apartment complex. I needed a way to get that information to Olga, my technician, but I didn't have her contact info. However, even without her number, it was relatively easy to get the information to her. I just logged onto my account, emailed the help email and they replied back quickly with her number and also sent the information along to her. In hindsight I could have just called the Maid N Houston number instead of emailing them...oh well.  But I think it would still be good to include the technician's phone number with the booking.

When Olga arrived she was super friendly! I loved having her at the apartment. Sometimes you can feel awkward having strangers in your house, but I did not feel that way with Olga.   We were like two Chatty Cathy's while she cleaned. I've had my apartment cleaned before but the three people who did it that one time didn't compare to the amount of work Olga did by herself.  My place was super messy, and I tried to put away as much stuff as possible before she arrived, but I ran out of time. Olga whipped my place into shape faster than I could have in a week! I was so impressed!!! She was also an animal lover and had no problem with Coco (my cat) roaming around investigating all of her supplies. The appointment was a little longer than 2 hours, but I expected that because my place was a mess...hahaha. Olga also said if I keep up with the appointments, it wouldn't take as long the next time. I think I will keep up with them. 

Even though I have these two shoe racks in my apartment entry way, my shoes never look this organized on the racks. Half the time, they don't even make it to the rack. It was nice to finally see them organized. And I've been keeping up with it!
I received this Heart of Haiti Tray from Macy's awhile ago, and it's just been sitting on it's own on my coffee table. I don't know why i never thought to put the things on my coffee table into the tray! Duh! Olga also had interior design skills!
I've never been a fan of white kitchens, but I have to say, it looks pretty nice all cleaned up and organized!

Bed neatly made. I almost didn't want to get in it.
When I tell you that I haven't seen the top of the right side of that dresser since I moved in a few years ago, I'm not exaggerating. It was so nice to see the surface of my dresser again!
The room I hate cleaning the most is the bathroom. Who actually really loves cleaning the bathroom anyway? I recently spent a lot of time redoing the decor in my bathroom. It's easier to enjoy when it's clean.
I even felt that I was at a hotel, because Olga paid attention to all the details. She event gave me a fold with my toilet tissue!
I actually had my makeup trays set-up differently, but I liked how she organized them so much, that I left them the way Olga arranged them!

Overall I was really pleased with the results. My mind was much more at ease coming home to a clean and organized living space. I need to do anything I can to find peace of mind nowadays.  It was simple to book as well. I will definitely be using Maid n Houston again, and I hope you consider using them too, because I have a discount code for you! Maid N Houston services locations between Pearland and Tomball so hopefully you fit into one of their service areas! To book an appointment just follow this link and enter code Shasie20 when you complete your booking! Happy Spring Cleaning!


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  1. Unfortunately, it's a bit late for me to hire Maid n Houston, but I'm a huge fan of having a professional cleaning service at least once a month. That's probably what I'll be doing in my new place.

  2. Renesia FontenotMay 29, 2016 at 5:58 PM

    Awesome! Thank you for the post! I will be contacting them as being a Real Estate agent I am always in need of services like this for my clients home. ��

  3. It looks awesome Shasie! I love having a maid, it's seriously the best thing ever! I agree that cleaning bathrooms is the absolute worst so I love paying someone else to do it for me, haha!

  4. Thank you for this awesome review!

  5. Your place looks fabulous!! Did they clean Coco, too, lol Lovely job!!

  6. Another way to be pampered! A clean house keeps your mind at ease and you're able to relax more. I'm glad you loved the service Shasie. I don't need that service but maybe oneway.

  7. I love to use professional cleaning services. With two small children well three including my husband lord knows I need additional help with cleaning duties around the household. I will definitely keep Maid N Houston in mind when I'm looking for my next cleaning service. Great write up Shasie

  8. I love to use professional cleaning services. With two small children well three including my husband lord knows I need additional help with cleaning duties around the household. I will definitely keep Maid N Houston in mind when I'm looking for my next cleaning service. Great write up Shasie

  9. This is such a help! It's great thatcher have things like this in Houston, thanks for your honest review!

  10. It looks really clean but let's talk about the wig collection ! Wow anyway I would love to used them to clean my dads home as a Fathers Day gift! Thx

  11. Your apartment looks great! I am going to have to tell my friend about this awesome company. She lives down there:)

  12. You have so many shoes! lol they did an amazing job at organizing everything down to the coffee table <3

  13. My parents are coming into town soon and I've thought about hiring out a maid to do a deep clean on the house. I will definitely have to try this out, and I loved that Olga was so friendly with Coco.

  14. I've never hired a cleaning service but they did a great job, enjoy it! :)

  15. Nothing beats a clean house - especially one done by experts!!

  16. I love a clean and organized house too.


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