Friday, April 08, 2016

Hello Chelsea Co
Okay, so call me cliche, but I love ALL things blogger paraphernalia. I seriously can't get enough. It all started at Thrive a few months back where I peeped someone with a mug that said "Blogging Day" on it! I had to have it! After that, I saw blogging products everywhere. It was definitely a case of "Now that I'm aware, I see it everywhere" situations.  I saw everything from blogging mugs to T-shirts across my Instagram feed.   Therefore, today's post is dedicated to some cute blogger/blogging items that I found on Etsy!  These items will be great gifts for the blogger in your life, and if you're the blogger? Treat Yo Self!

All photos in this post are from their respective Etsy shops.

Zana Products
Caffeine Scene
Shop the Copper Fox
Shop Zoetic
Hope A Little

Hello Floral
 The Girly Boss

The Summery Umbrella
Kelly Elizabeth Designs
Cutting Boredom
Kennedy's Designs
Wall and Wonder
Blossom and Bronze
For more of my Etsy picks for bloggers check out my Pinterest Board: Gifts for Bloggers!

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  1. Oh these are too cute and I want them all!

  2. might have to treat myself.
    also so sad we didn't get to chat at the blogger meetup, i got there right when you were heading out :(

    1. Awww yea it would have been fun to connect! I was exhausted. I worked out and shot photos right before that brunch and needed to get home to nap! Let's meet up soon!

  3. Hahahahahaha... This is all so awesome. I am showing this to my husband for blogging presents!


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