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Friday, March 04, 2016

You may have heard of a little store called Lululemon? Just Kidding! Lululemon is FAR from a little store. It's a wildly popular active wear store, that specializes in garments for yogis. The company was founded by Chip Wilson in 1998 & Kit and Ace is her sister store.  Kit and Ace was founded by Chip's wife Shannon and their son J.J. They wanted luxury fabric clothing, without the dry-cleaning and aftermarket costs associated with making a luxury purchase. Their mission statement sums it up pretty nicely:

Your time is precious and your comfort is paramount.
We create designs that look good and feel amazing, so you can
forget the small stuff and get on with the big stuff.

The engineer in me gets really excited about innovation, and that's what Kit & Ace is all about. Whether, it's developing Technical Cashmere, a machine washable fabric that combines cashmere with other fibers, or introducing a supperclub concept at their locations, Kit & Ace is doing things differently

So how do they go from selling the latest in fabric technology to hosting dinners? According to LaNae, representative for Kit and Ace, the Wilson family is very big on suppertime with their family and wanted to incorporate that into their store, so I was invited to dinner.  This even definitely ranks high on my list of awesome experiences since I've been blogging. The ladies at Kit and Ace invited 8 influencers to have dinner, with the premise that we may not know each other. Turns out I only knew 1 person at dinner, but it was someone I've interacted with quickly in the past and hadn't had a chance to sit down and have a real conversation. 

The dinner started at 7 at their new Rice Village location. The store only opened last month, and still has that brand new store smell and ambiance.  Our food was cooked by  Chef Johnny Rhodes, a military man turned foodie! He's conducting pop-ups around Houston to showcase his skills as a chef and changes the menu for each pop-up. Kit and Ace brought Chef Johnny Rhodes to provide us with our meal, and everything was delicious. Our Savor Faire for the night was Taste of Nola.  The nice thing about Chef Johnny is he took the time to explain each dish when he brought it out, even down to the presentation! It was really impressive! I'm already following him on Instagram, and you can too:

Each of us had a place setting and a flipped over blue card that said real talk on the back. Apparently we won't supposed to flip them over  ahead of time, but I didn't know and quickly flipped my over...hahaha. On the back of each card was a question, and the person who's card it was got to answer the question first, and then the rest of the table could chime in with their answers. This made for really great conversation across the board, on all the questions. My question was 'Is social media isolating us, or disconnecting us?' while another question asked if it's better to lie to protect someone's feelings, or to not lie at all and always tell the truth. Those are just a few examples of some of the questions. 

I really liked the diverse career representation that we had in the room. The founder of Crave Cupcakes was there, along with the creator of The Classroom, a men's clothing store in Rice Village, a Dentist, a board member of Dress For Success Houston, and a recent graduate taking on her first job in PR. I think everyone had a great time, and had some amazing takeaways from our conversations.




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