PRODUCT REVIEW: The Jojoba Company Hand Cream

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Last year I reviewed The Jojoba Company's Hydrating Day Cream, and I STILL love this product. When Jojoba asked me to test out another one of their products, I was definitely on board. This time they sent me their lemon & coconut hand cream.  I always talk about my issues with dry skin and I tend to focus on products for my face. However, last year I was diagnosed with Eczema for the first time, and ever since then, I've been on a mission to combat my dry skin issues all over my body. My hands also stay dry, and any new hand cream that can keep them moisturized is a win in my book. 

The Jojoba Company is based in Australia and the co-founder Vicki Engall wanted to create a products that mimicked the natural oils found in the human body. She found this with the wax from jojoba beans. Grown on their own farm in Australia, the wax, or what we would call oil, is extracted from the beans that grown on the jojoba plant. Here's an excerpt from the website on the start of The Jojoba Company:

 “ I co-founded The Jojoba Company at about the same time I was starting my own family, so this skin care range was inspired by my commitment to a ‘no nasties’ home life:  pure wholesome food, natural cleaning products and now my own skincare that is gentle, made from nature and safe.  I have no time to read about all those chemicals and preservatives in the ‘fine print’.  I need to trust it is going to be pure—no excuses, no compromises.”
~Vicki Engall, Co-Founder
As I get older and work readily in the world of chemicals with my day job, I care more and more about what goes in or on my body, and I've begun to favor natural products. This is not to say I'll never use a non-natural product again, because I'm sure my bathroom is stock full of them, but if I can find a natural alternative, why not?

So back to the review. Exactly how does one determine the effectiveness of beauty products? For me? I use 5 measurable categories: ethics, longevity, consistency, texture, and smell. 

ETHICS - I love animals, and I don't really want to support a company that participates in animal testing, so I like when I read about beauty products that do not succumb to these practices. And as a Chemical Engineer, I prefer products that are as natural as possible, because those are the naturally occurring chemicals that I want to put on and in my body! The Jojoba Company is committed to animal friendly products, not testing their products on animals, and creating 100% natural products. 

LONGEVITY -  In my line of work, I don't have time to constantly re-apply lotion, or any beauty product for that matter. I want a product that can last throughout the day, or at least for the better part of a work day.   I applied the hand cream at the beginning of my work day, and it lasted for the day! I do a lot with my hands at work, from typing, to touching objects and the field and just being outside in the environment. Grant it the last few days have been very nice, so I would love to see how this product measures up against a cold, arid day!

CONSISTENCY - I want a product to work the same every time I use it, or improve if it's one of those products that give better results the more you consistently use it. Nothing changed with the consistency of this product over the last few days.  Again, I'm a big fan of the pump mechanism on this lotion bottle, which allows you to use the minimum amount of product needed. 

Before using the hand cream.

TEXTURE - Like food, I'm pretty picky with the feel of beauty products. I don't like overly greasy, slimy, or runny. A cream should feel like cream. The texture feels like cream and it comes out in strands versus a blob of mess on your hand. This isn't really that important, because when you go to rub it in, it becomes a blob as well! My hand as a little shiny after application , but the shine quickly wore off, and my hand felt very soft!

Hand after the cream.
SMELL - Scents last a long time on the human body, and if I have to smell the product on me, it needs to be a favorable scent. Medicinial creams, like the one I had for my Excema, were definitely not pleasant to smell and then I was paranoid that people around me could smell it too. I also don't like OVERLY powerful scents, so it has to be just right. The lemon and coconut scent of this lotion was just right, not too strong and not too faint, however, I'm not really sure I could discern the lemon/coconut smell...maybe I just don't know what these two smell like! Ha! But the scent that came out was light and pleasant, so definitely tolerable!

Overall I really liked this hand cream and the engineer in me is in love with the bottle design! I also like how easy The Jojoba Company makes it to determine the products that are right for you. In just a few years they've already expanded their product offering. You can go to their website and shop by skin type/concern, or you can check out this booklet that they sent with my product that lists all of their products, their ingredients and what they help with. On the very last page you can make a checklist of the products you want to try! What are you waiting for? Head over to today and try them out!

I received this product in exchange for an honest review.

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