Wednesday, March 16, 2016

This past Saturday, I attended Macy's Get Glam & Get Going Spring Fashion Event at Memorial City Mall. The event was a success, and featured 3 fashion bloggers that showcased their picks for Spring. The bloggers also helped style guests during the event. The three bloggers were Alice Kerley from the Lonestar Looking Glass, Destiny Thompson from Truly Destiny and Emily Gemma from The Sweetest Thing.   I briefly got to speak with each of the bloggers and ask them questions on their curated picks for Spring. In addition to meeting the bloggers and having a #MyStylist session with them, guests enjoyed a Brush Lettering 101 tutorial from Nib and Pixel, a photobooth, and an informal model presentation featuring more Spring Fashions available at Macy's.

During my quick chat with Destiny she mentioned that she does tend to pick more bohemian themed outfits. She also favors white denim and even though it's officially still winter, Houston has already transition to Spring. To transition white pants, Destiny recommends pairing it with a structured top, instead of a floral top to make it less springy.  Destiny is also a fan of off-the-should styles and loose fitting clothing like the Free People dress shown below.

Alice picked her spring favorites, because she loves everything blue and white. Alice also prefers bohemian styles, but mixes them with classic pieces. She picked pieces that had some embroidery and crochet. She did mix in some structured pieces into her pics, as she knows not everyone will go for the loose-fit of bohemian styles.  One of her favorite picks was a denim overall dress!

Alice with Houston Fashion Blogger, Emily of Something Gold, Something Blue.

Emily's collection was the brightest of the 3. She loves color, and focused on pops of color for her picks. She also wears a lot of ripped denim but you can still find her in a classic dress with a nice handbag. 
Emily with Houston Blogger, Veronika of Veronika's Blushing.


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  1. This looks SO fun! I wish I could have made it! Great recap, Shasie!


    1. Thanks Jillian!! It was a cute spring event! :-)


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