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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

As a fashion blogger it's safe to say that I love clothes! If I had my way, all of my money would go to buying clothes, and my closet would be on a serial rotation of what's hot and what's not. As it may, I do not have this luxury. As a single gal with bills to pay, I live on a budget. With my budget I've curated a closet that's full of clothes at different price points; from fast fashion to investment pieces. One thing I've noticed over the years is the amount of aftermarket time and money that is spent on investment or more expensive clothing.  The more I spend on clothes, the more high maintenance they become. From "wash separately" to "hand wash" or "dry clean" only, owning these clothes is additional work, time, and money that I just don't have! Enter Dryel and their At Home Dry Cleaner Kit

Dryel At Home Cleaner Product Review

First of all...NO WAY! Are you telling me that I can dry clean my clothing from the comfort of my own home, using nothing but this box and my dryer? That's exactly what this kit is telling me! Prior to this post, I had never tried their  at home dry cleaner, and I was anxious to give it a spin (no pun intended)! I created a video on the review that you can watch here on my YouTube channel or below:

The starter kit comes with the following items: 
  • 1 Booster Spray Bottle
  • Discount Coupon
  • 1 Reusable Fabric Protection Bag
  • 4 ULTRAcleaning cloths
  • Detailed Instruction Card

For my first test drive with the kit I chose 3 Dry-Clean only garments that were created by Houston Fashion Designer, David Peck.  At first, I thought you could only put one garment per drying cycle into the bag, but you can put up to 5 garments per load I broke even and started with 3, 1 green dress 1 red dress, and one blue and gray turtleneck.  I also picked these three because I wanted to see how much colorfastness they maintained and to test that their colors didn't bleed onto each other.

The instructions are very easy to follow. First, you open the fabric bag, then you place your garments in the bag. You don't want to over stuff the bag because the clothes won't tumble. For instance, if you have 5 bulky coats that you want to throw in the bag, you may want to split them up. The last step is to drop one of the ULTRAcleaning cloths into the bag and zip it up. Make sure you unfold the cloth before you put it in the bag. 

Once my bag was prepped I headed to the laundry room. The kit gives you two options for cleaning the clothes; 15 minutes on Medium Heat for a refresh, or 30 Minutes on Medium Heat for a deeper clean. Unfortunately, my dryer doesn't offer a medium heat option, so I used high heat for 30 minutes. After the first ten minutes it kicks into cool-down mode, so I thought that was an even mix to simulate medium heat.

After thirty minutes I removed the bag from the dryer. When I opened the bag I was met with a pleasant smell. Just the right amount of fragrance to be pleasing, but not enough to be overpowering. There's nothing like that "just cleaned" clothes smell. All of my pieces were dry, intact, and maintained their color. Most importantly they did not bleed their color onto the other garments in the bag. They smelled fresh and were ready to be worn all over again. Another tip that Dryel had was to hang the garments up immediately after removal to help remove wrinkles. I hung the clothes up right after this picture. 

Overall, I was very impressed with the at home cleaner. I had some issues with the booster spray, because it didn't remove the stains, but the stain on the one dress has been there for over a year and I already tried everything to get it out, so I wasn't too hopeful. I'm pretty sure the booster spray would work on a newer stain, and I'll have to try again. I would recommend this product to someone who owns a lot of dry clean only clothes, or clothes that need to be washed separately or by hand. It takes the work out of the work and allows your money to be spent elsewhere!

This is a sponsored post. Thoughts and opinions are my own.

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