THRIVE BLOG CONFERENCE: Let's get down to business

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

From my last post, you know that bloggers like to get down and have fun! I think everyone likes a good party, blogger or otherwise. Let's just say there was an after party to the dance party that made waking up early the next day for day 2 of Thrive a bit tasking, but everyone made it! Being tired from a girl's night out, was not enough to deter us from embarking on a day full of knowledge to help grow our blogs. I mean that is what we paid for right? And learn we did! I'm always impressed with the amount of new information that I learn, even after all these years of blogging. Blogging is still "new" compared to traditional media and things are always changing. New social media apps that we can use to share our blogs come out everyday and just knowing what our readers are into (more videos over text, vibrant pictures, etc.) can help your blog go from blah to bam! So I was up and at 'em and ready to absorb as much knowledge as possible.

Never start a full day of learning on an empty stomach! I raided the complimentary hotel breakfast. Everything about Embassy suites was fabulous, from the new hotel staff to the food. You'll get to see what we had for lunch later in this post. After breakfast, we made our want to pick up our seating assignments. One thing I like about Thrive is how they handle the seating. Instead of sitting bloggers with a bunch of bloggers that they already know, they try and mix up the seating so that you're interacting with new people, or people you need to get to know a little more. Once again, I really enjoyed my table. It was at my table last year that I met Michelle and Lura!

Everyone had a cute placeholder and a quote card at their seat.
Chcek out our beautiful centerpiece for Table 10! I'm still obsessed with all things mason jars. My grandmother would love this. We drank out mason jars all the time at her house before they became a "thing".
Can we say, "Photo Op"? I loved this wood and floral backdrop!

Hey looks it's me!
Francesca's also had a great area for photos.  They even provided real flower crowns for us to wear! They were the title sponsor this year for Thrive.
I think I want a pink couch in my future house, and not any pink couch, this one!
There was no shortage of treats throughout the conference. Sweet Marie's was on the scene with meringue treats and shortbread cookies! I loved the containers they used to display their food! And even thought I ate breakfast, I managed to get a few of these bad boys down! #NoShame.

Thrive Founders, Bree Pair and Whitney Hough welcoming bloggers to day 2 of Thrive!
Tuki, with Francesca's opened up the morning by providing tips on how bloggers can work with their brand, and Nicole Seligmen of Writes Like A Girl blog was the Emcee. 
The keynot speaker for Thrive was Alissa Circle. Alissa is the blogger behind Diary of an Addict. She spoke on finding your voice, creating balance and pursuing your passion. She's also the co-founder of Pollinate Media Group and Weave Media! 

The second speaker was Kristina Braly of Pretty Shiny Sparkly. Kristina has mostly converted her blogging work to vlogging and does more YouTube videos now than writing. She spoke about staying authentic in a YouTube world.

We hear from blogging duo, Jessica Bailey and Sarah Skaggs on working with brands. They blog and the uber popular blog, Pretty Providence.
And just before lunch we heard from Ashley Rose, who blogs at Sugar and Cloth! Ashley gave us tips for how to grow our social media following!
At lunchtime I sat with Emily and Jillian! The chicken alfredo pastas were sooo yummy!

Even the ladies from Visit The Woodlands took the time to speak to our group over lunch about everything we could do in the area.
After lunch we heard from Mallory Whitfield of Miss Malaprop with tips on how to finally, fully understand our google analytics!
Megan Weaver gave excellent tips on shooting better photography! She even gave us ideas for installing our own light box to shoot products!
Kristyn Merkley is an expert at Pinterest. She does so well on the program that Pinterest invited HER to their headquarters. She's the uber successful blogger behind the site Lil' Luna.
There was one final speaker that talked about Media kits and advertising rates!
Thrive, once again, was an amazing success. I enjoyed networking with my blogger gal pals and making new ones while learning even more ways to grow my blog! I can't wait for next year! In the meantime, enjoy some more amazing photos from Meg Cady Photography.

The majority of the photos in this post were taken by Meg Cady Photography with permission to use.

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