WHAT I WORE: Getting Ready at Hotel Icon

Monday, February 15, 2016

When it comes to planning an event, I like to do things way in advance. For my party, I created a Save the Date event on Facebook all the way back in November.  Some people may wonder why I go all out for my birthday. Here's the thing, I love parties. I love attending parties and every now and then I like hosting one as well! Also, as a single gal, I haven't had a wedding, nor do I have wedding anniversaries, or parties for any kids, so my birthday is actually the one time in my life where I can have a fun party to celebrate a milestone in my life with my friends. Turning 32 is not a big birthday, not like 16, 25 or 30, but I didn't care, I wanted to go all out. This is definitely the biggest party I've ever done and I'm known to have big parties. I had a birthday dinner one-time at Carrabas for 30 people.  I also learned a lot from this experience and will do a separate post on lessons learned when hosting a party! 

Anyhoo, on the day of my party I didn't want to stress over commuting to my party and arriving on time from my house. Being able to get ready at Hotel Icon was super helpful because I had to arrive at The Boulevardier around 6pm to set-up, and Hotel Icon was right around the corner! I'm so thankful to Evelyn Casas for agreeing to help me set-up for my party! She definitely was a lifesaver. I also want to thank Zack, Emilie, Leena & Andy for picking up the food! There's no way I could have picked up the food and decorated at the same time!  After we set-up we headed to back to the room to change! Even with the room I was still a little late because I lost a little bit of time with hair and makeup, last minute packing and putting up all the decorations, but but it all worked out! I loved my deluxe suite at Hotel Icon. The bathroom was fabulous, and I loved that I could see into the bathroom from the bedroom.

View into the bathroom from the bedroom.
View from the bathroom into the bedroom.

Dress: Adrianna Papell (Macy's) / Headband: Amazon / Feather Boa: Amazon / Pearl Necklace: Amazon

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