THE BIRTHDAY PARTY: Another Year Older--Gatsby Style

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

After getting ready at Hotel Icon, I headed back to my party with Evelyn! My party was held at The Boulevardier. The Boulevardier is a two floor bar and lounge, with the downstairs named The Commoner and the upstairs named The Boulevardier. As soon as I saw the pictures online, I knew I wanted to have my birthday party there. They had old school pictures on the wall, reminiscent of the 20s, and the space was very nice.  I basically had a private event from 8 - 10 pm, and then we were able to party with the rest of the venue goers from 8:30 on.  I'd like to take this time to thank two of my party sponsors: Pollo Tropical and Faubricio Photography. I'm pretty sure every one at my party is now the biggest Pollo Tropical fan ever. The food was soooo yummy, and people kept going up for 2nds and 3rds. Pollo Tropical was very generous with the amount of food and I couldn't have been more pleased! And thank you to Erick of Faubricio Photography for being my photographer for the 1st half of the evening! The photos in this post were taken by him and you can follow him at

As far as decorations go, I wanted the space to exude the 20s. I plan on doing a separate post on how to throw a 1920s party later, but until then, here's a quick summary. Basically anything I could find that was black and gold and art deco I used! I DIY'd my own wine bottles (7 of them, you can read about the DIY here), and I spray painted a white birdcage gold. The Birdcage was for birthday cards. I spent a lot of time googling and pinteresting (is that a word) 1920s and 1920s parties. Every time I saw a party or a wedding with the same thing, Ostrich Feather centerpieces always appeared, so I knew I wanted to have those as well. I printed out Art Deco slang cards, and Art Food Labels. I also used a gold sequin table cloth for the main food table with a black runner, a black tablecloth for the square dessert table, and then a gold sequin backdrop for the photobooth. I found a kit on Etsy for 1920s photobooth props which was a lot of fun to cut out and take pictures with! 

I think everyone enjoyed the ambiance of the party, and I for one had a blast! I had such a great time with everyone that came! However, planning a party is a lot of work, and I think next year, I'll hire an event planner!

Upstairs Bar
View from our VIP section into the other part of the bar.
Perfect photos for a 1920s party.
We used one of the booths for the photobooth. I even found an Art Deco Photobooth sign.
I had 4 Ostrich Feather Centerpieces and placards with information on the sponsors and appropriate party hashtags.
3 of my DIY Wine Bottles
The Birdcage that was perfect for birthday cards and small presents!
Slang Cards and playing cars because playing cards was a major part of the 1920s.
Cupcakes from the lovely Cerissa of Katherine's Creations!
All of the food from Pollo Tropical, plus appetizers and popcorn and candy!

Here's me arriving "fashionably" late to my own party! This was not done on purpose! I know some people like to show up to their own party late to make an entrance, but I had planned to be there before everyone arrived. I still was there before most people got there, so it worked out!

I loved this illustration from Eva Duplan of Eva Duplan Illustrations for my birthday present!

I stole photos posted by people who came to my party!
With my blogger gal pals: Taylor, Mara, and Imani

Group Selfie!
Cris, Jenny & Ryan
Hanging with Karla and Wendy

Photobooth prop fun with Katy!

Jenny and Cris having fun in the photobooth.

Selfie with Leeza and Leena

With fabulous flapper girls Carmen and Amburlee!
Thanks for the collage Tiffany!
Sarah was in all the way from Austin! So happy she was still able to swing by after driving all evening!
Please be sure to visit my party sponsors at and

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