WHAT WE WORE: The Cat's Meow of The Roaring Twenties

Saturday, February 20, 2016

I was super impressed by my friends for participating in the Gatsby dress theme! Anytime you have a themed party, you're bound to have some people that are apprehensive, or resistant to the idea, but overall, almost everyone that came to my party participated in the theme one way or the other! I wanted to share some of the looks from the party, starting with my own! 

Last minuted I decided to add this white feather boa to my outfit. I think it's worth spending some money on a boa just to stop it from shedding everywhere. I did not spend a lot of money on this boa, and therefore feathers were everywhere. I was finding feathers for a few days after my party.
It took me forever to decide on a dress. I must have tried on dresses for months. I snapchatted almost all of them I tried on in the stores, and then I would just randomly order some online. When they came in there was usually something that I didn't like about them. Finally, I was able to settle upon this gown by Adrianna Papell. It's from Macy's. It was the perfect dress!

I love these silhouette pictures that Erick took of me!

GChris and Dina! Loving Chris' fedora and bowtie, and Dina's sparkly headband!
Mario and Whitney! Mario came in a tux with coattails and Whitney's dress was to die for!
Ryan and Alex! Love the newsboy hat Ryan!
Imani and I
Evelyn Casas and I
Andrea Bonner and Martha
Liz and Sean! The Werbers!

Tabitha Smith in a Valentino dress! I loved her outfit, especially the gloves!
Fellow Bucknellian, Whitney!
The Girls! Just some of the ladies who stopped by my party!
Tiffany and her husband Joseph! Don't they look fabulous! I loved Tiffany's Bob!
One of my besties here in Houston, Heather Petrey, looking fabulous in an authentic flapper dress! I loved the feathers on the bottom! 
Veronica Jones, looking totes adorbs in her outfit! I loved the gloves!
Karla sparkly in gold channeling the opulence of the 1920s!
Zack and Emilie looking super dapper and gorgeous in their 1920s attire!
Taylor, Mara, and Imani!
Wes and Katy!

With Cris and Jenny! I loved Jenny's bob for the evening as well!

With Leticia and Nathan!
With Wendy Perez!
Jaclyn looking fabulous in her gold dress!
Carmen and Amburlee channeling their inner flappers!
Amburlee, you were just totes adorbs in your flapper dress!

With Ryan and Harry! My TMI friends! haha. Don't they look Dapper?
Harry and Ashley snapped a picture at home before arriving at my party! They look so cute!
Leena and Leeza! Sisters!
Sarah! All the way in from Austin!
Joel and Steffi!
Chris and Dina! 
Emily and I!

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