HOTEL ICON STAYCATION: A Flapper Girl in an Iconic World

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Last Friday night, I celebrated my birthday in downtown Houston, but the day after I also had a wedding to attend. The wedding was also downtown. I live about 30 - 40 minutes away from the city and I decided it would be way easier and more efficient to book a staycation at a hotel downtown then drive back and forth from my house to these events.  However, it couldn't just be any hotel, I wanted the right hotel. A hotel that had the right location, a shuttle, and had the amenities that I needed to unload after the party. After googling all of the hotels, Hotel Icon fit the bill! Since I was having a 1920s themed party, Hotel Icon was the perfect hotel to stay in to channel my inner Gatsby girl. The hotel is in the heart of the historic district and it was right around the corner from the venue that was hosting my birthday. The building itself was constructed in 1912 making it the perfect fit for the ambiance I was looking for.  Hotel Icon was nice enough to offer me a complimentary 2-night stay, in exchange for an honest review of their hotel. 

Outside entry to Hotel Icon
From the other side.
Valet entry
But, I'm not you're "Average Joe" when it comes to hotel reviews, and I decided to have fun with this one, by dressing up in full flapper attire on my last day and take photos around the hotel. Any one who knows me, knows that I'm a big history buff. I love learning about the history of buildings, and imagining what they were like when they were first created. For Hotel Icon, its history is that the building used to be a bank. it used to be a bank; The Union National Bank to be exact and they moved headquarters to this building in 1912. Construction started in 1910 and ended in 1912 and cost one million dollars to build. Today, you can still see remnants of the bank around the hotel; from the vault door behind the check in desk to the iron gates. I hope after you read this review, you'll consider Hotel Icon for you next staycation or trip to Houston!

Outside in the valet area there is a car resembling cars of old with the sign of the hotel restaurant on it. It's perfect for photo ops!
There are also several historic photos at the valet area as well.

The restaurant in the hotel is called Line & Lariat, and they go by L&L.
I love the Greek God face on the sliding doors to the lobby of the Hotel.
Just to the right of the sliding doors you'll find these chairs and a leather bound history book in the middle. The book holds the history of Hotel Icon and some vintage photographs! It's really cool to check out!.

Off to the left of the sliding doors you'll find the check in desk and you can see the original bank vault door is still intact. 
The bank vault door was created by Mosley Safe Company and at it's peak. it was the 2nd largest vault door in the state of Texas.



I loved the back of the elevator door and snapped a photo!

Next I headed downstairs to check out the spa and gym area. The spa is currently closed for renovations, but it looked great to me!
I found myself a nice comfy chair in the waiting area.
As a matter of fact, there were several different waiting areas, so tons of seating while you wait for your turn in the spa rooms.

I liked this hallway through the spa to the gym door and the bright red door to the gym you can't miss it!

Most of the equipment inside the gym was also red!
I definitely looked like I belonged!

Next I headed into the Women's locker room/spa changing area.

Hotel Icon also has a business center if you need to get on the computer. 
Hotel Icon is also a nice place to hold special events from conferences to weddings. They have several ball rooms. Unfortunately all the ball rooms were locked on my self-guided tour so I didn't get to go in, but if the rest of the hotel is any indication of what it would like inside, I'm sure I would have been impressed.
I enjoyed these fashion illustrations outside of the ballrooms on the second floor.
And then I had to use the little girl's room and discovered this wall paper of old photos! How cool is this bathroom?

Next it was time to have some fun with the vintage elevators.
You may remember this wine glass from my Wine Glass Centerpiece DIY here? Don't worry it's empty, but I decided to bring it with me for another prop!
A flapper girl can never have too much fun!

I stayed in the Deluxe Suite in room 608. Photos from the room will be in my next blog post!
Overall, I really enjoyed my two night stay at hotel icon. The staff was super nice, my room service came quickly and I was able to enjoy a cocktail at the bar. I can't wait to share with you guys what the rooms look like in my next post!

*I received a complimentary two-night stay at hotel icon in exchange for a review. Thoughts and opinions are my own.

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