WHAT TO WEAR: The Force Awakens

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

COver Photo  Star Wars

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last year, you know that one of the biggest movie releases of all time is happening this week; Star Wars Episode VII - The Force Awakens. It's no secret that I'm a fangirl and I nerd out of over stuff like this. You can just read my Comicpalooza posts here, or ask my parents about that time I brought home a 6 ft tall cardboard cut-out Darth Vader in 7th grade...I've been a fan of Star Wars for years. I own all the movies, the scores, books, Star Wars dictionaries, and owned games and toys.  While I no longer have my cardboard cut-out of DV (my parents claim it received water damage in the basement while I was away at college...mmhmm...lol), I'm still just as big of a fan today as I was in middle school.

I was pretty disappointed by the prequels that came out while I was in college, but I have high hopes for this 7th movie! I purchased my ticket, along with three tickets for my friends months ago to a premiere showing on the 17th. We'll be seeing it a day before the official release date of the 18th! So, as any good fan would do, I'll be wearing some sort of Star Wars paraphernalia to the showing. I won't be going as far as Joseph Gordon-Levitt who arrived at the world premier Monday night painted green for Yoda, but I will represent with a Star Wars shirt and my Boba Fett earrings!! Here are some items you can pick up to wear to your viewing of Star Wars!

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