WHAT I WORE: The North Shore

Thursday, December 10, 2015

This is my Dad in the above picture! While home for Thanksgiving, I wanted to go downtown to take shots of the Pittsburgh skyline...because I'm obsessed with city skylines. Plus I wanted to explore a part of Pittsburgh that I rarely see when I'm home and that's the north shore near the stadiums. Being from Pittsburgh, I grew up with Three Rivers Stadium before the city imploded it and built 2 new stadiums, PNC Park for the Pittsburgh Pirates, and Heinz Field for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  While I've been to games at PNC Park, I've never explored the surrounding area outside of Carnegie Science Center and Rivers Casino.  On my way to the casino a few days prior with my long-time friend, Tara, we passed some monuments down on the north shore, so I wanted to go back in the day time to check them out! 

My Mom and I!
My parents, while living in Pittsburgh, actually don't explore as much as they would like to, and they really enjoyed the outing! Being outside and taking pictures and seeing a little bit of what my life is like as a blogger when I take photos every other day! It was fun showing my Dad how to use my DSLR! Ha! It's the same if you live in any city really...you don't really take the time to explore it that much. I can say the same for Houston! Unless I stumble upon something on accident, I don't actively go out looking for new developments.

Thanksgiving day was relatively warm (for Pittsburgh), but the days after were a bit cool! In the picture above with my Mom, I'm trying to be cute in my 'OOTD' without a coat on, but you can see my Mom has on a heavy leather jacket and gloves! I was definitely cold, but it was worth it for some photos of Pittsburgh! I actually think Pittsburgh, while not the biggest city in the world, has one of the best skylines to photographs, and some of the best locations to view said skyline! Check it out below! 
I never knew Mr. Rogers was from Pittsburgh, until this moment. I was confused on why a statue of Mr. Rogers was given to the city of Pittsburgh? Ha! Now I know!
Directly behind the Mr. Roger's monument is Heinz Field, home of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Each stadium is build so the seats face the city. At night, or even during a day game, fans have an SPECTACULAR view of the city just across the rivers.
Necklace: Lindsay Designs
Turtleneck: Miles David, formerly known as David Peck
Vest: TopShop
Pants: Nordstrom
Booties: INC International Concepts
Handbag: Hammitt


Point Park (the point at which all three rivers of Pittsburgh; The Ohio, The Monongahela, and The Allegheny converge.) Christmas Tree lighting up for the evening!
This tree is dedicated to Lewis and Clark. I'm guessing they stopped by here!
A little further down from Heinz Field is a WW II Memorial. 

Art Rooney was the original founder of the Pittsburgh Steelers. It's only fitting that there should be a street named after him next to the stadium.

Since my dad was driving, I took the time to snap this drive-by shot of Heinz Field! Until next time North Shore!

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