Sunday, December 20, 2015

A few weeks ago, Smirnoff sent me their tailgating Ice Kit featuring 3 Smirnoff Ice flavors; Original, Screwdriver, & Moscow Mule. I was tasked with using the ice flavors to create new cocktails that would be perfect for tailgating. I love a good cocktail, but I don't really know much about "mixing" drinks, aka mixology so I recruited some help from my friends, Michelle Heath, who blogs at Becoming A Heath, and Harry and Ashley whom I refer to as Harley (they're married, so a couple mashup name was required).  Michelle gave me some ideas online, while Harley stopped by my house to help me mix drinks before our joint flight home for Thanksgiving!

I was familiar with the Smirnoff Ice Original flavor, and I've had my share of screwdrivers in my life to know that they are vodka and orange juice, but I didn't recognize the Moscow Mule. I had to look that one up.  A Moscow Mule, is vodka, ginger beer, and lime. I was intrigued by that one, and how it tasted since I never had it before. 

L to R: Smirnoff Ice Mason Jar, Original, Screwdriver, & Moscow Mule.
Before Harley arrived, I set up my table with a little bit of everything to mix with these drinks! Smirnoff sent me a $15.00 gift card to purchase items to mix with malts, and I had already had some items at my house. 
Harry went first and created The Shasie! Ha! So fun having a drink named after you! I like very fruity drinks so I enjoyed the Shasie!

The Shasie in the Smirnoff Mason Jar.

Next up was Ashley. Ashley created the Honey Float, which has Smirnoff Wild Honey, Cranberry Juice, Smirnoff Original Vanilla Ice Cream and Whipped Cream.

The Honey Float in a very nice Houston Texans' whiskey glass!

Harry started working on a drink he named The Wild Mule which contains Smirnoff Wild Honey, Simply Limeade, Smirnoff Moscow Mule, and Ice.

Then it was my turn. Orginally I was going to be lame and use the Screwdriver and add champagne to it to make a Screwdriver mimosa, but that seemed pretty basic, so I stepped up my game and attempted to make a Screwdriver float.

The Screwdriver float I renamed Orange Dream!

Last but not least, Harry made a drink featuring Sparkling Peach Moscato and the Screwdriver!

We had a great time playing mixologist, and now we think we're ready to open a bar! Haha, maybe not, but these drinks would definitely be nice on a hot day of tailgating! Throw the cool whip and vanilla ice cream in your ice chest, and you should be good to go! Let me know if you try any of our drinks!

Drink Responsibly. This is a sponsored post, thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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