GIFT GUIDE: Brr...It's Cold Outside

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Cold Gift Guide

Black Friday may be over, but that doesn't mean your shopping days are over! Whether you're looking for the perfect gift, or just looking to treat yourself, you can't go wrong with these cold weather items! Today's gift guide is all about tackling the cold, but in a "chic-ly" way! I'm pretty sure chic-ly is not a word, but who cares?!  First up? Handbags. When I stumbled upon these nylon gems in Nine West, I just KNEW they had to be included in my lineup. More often than not, I'll leave a handbag at home in nasty weather for fear of it being ruined. Even with the Handbag protectant sprays, I opt not to chance it. These nylon handbags were made for the weather.  Nine West has three different styles, and each style comes in different color options!

A petpeeve of mine is wet socks. I hattttteeeeeee wet socks. You know, when you or someone at your house splashed water on the kitchen or bathroom floor and you walk in and step on it with your socks on?, I hate that. Therefore, when it comes to walking around my place I'm either barefoot or I have on my slippers. Lucky for us, Juicy Couture has created a comfy slipper sock that is great for being cozy around the house. For outdoor weather protection, try a lined boot, or a rain boot!

Cold Weather Shoes

I love nothing more than a great winter accessory! This year, brands are pulling out all the stops with unique clothes and neck warmers! Have you ever thought of owning a snood before? Henri Bendel has snoods and more for sale! 

Cold Weather - Accessories

1. Button Up Neck Warmer 2. Ribbed Snood 3. Wrap Scarf
4. Perforated Driver Gloves 5. Triple Button Leather Gloves
6. Faux Fur Earphones 7. Hand Knit Headband

Since Houston is up and down with it's weather, I wanted to check out outerwear alternatives that aren't super heavy, but allow me to transition my cold-weather looks to the great outdoors with ease! A poncho or a vest can definitely do the trick.

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