Thursday, November 19, 2015

It may be hard to believe, but I used to be a hardcore football fan. I spend a lot of time talking about Fashion and superhero stuff, but I used to really love football. I used to watch every single Steelers' game. I would yell at the TV, throw my terrible towels, get upset if they lost and argue with enemy team fans on Facebook. What happened? Why did I stop being a crazed football fan? After the NFL lockouts of 2011 and 2012 between the players and the owners, and then the referees I became disillusioned with the NFL. Grant it, I was never naive in thinking playig for the NFL had nothing to do with money, but the lockouts just further drove home the fact, that no one really cared about the GAME of football. They ONLY cared about contracts and money. 

Players would leave the Steelers for bigger contracts, after we gave them our fan love! They weren't loyal to the Steelers or the City of Pittsburgh, they were loyal to that paper! I realize the Steelers' franchise is not unique in these actions, but it all kind of turned me off to football. And since I was never a college football fan, I just stopped watching altogether. It wasn't until recently, through the assistance of my co-worker who is also a Steelers' fan, that I started to watch some games again. I remembered the excitement of a game, even if they lost, but cheering on your team until the very end! In honor of my rediscovered love of the game, I decided to shoot a fun 'team spirit' look!

Jersey: Nike
Skirt: Catherine Malandrino for Kohl's
Sporty Heels: c/o Nine West
Watch: Michael Kors
Sunglasses: Fossil c/o Leena Vuor
As a female who loves her Steelers' I wanted to find a fashionable way to show off my team pride. I absolutely LOVE this skirt by Catherine Malandrino, and it reminds me of a cheerleader's skirts. What better way to show off my team spirit, than with a cheerleader-inspired skirt. The Steelers colors are Black and Gold, or Black and Yellow if you ask Wiz Khalifa. I actually own two Troy Polamalu jerseys, the one below, and the away jersey color in white.  The heels are from Nine West, and they are the epitome of sporty chic. While they compliment the outfit perfectly they are super high, and I wouldn't recommend them for a lot of walking at a stadium! Best leave these for watching the game at a sports bar! 
Thank you to Leena Vuor for taking all of these photos!

While this look is great for me because it's for the Steelers, it can easily be changed to represent any team in the NFL. Swap out the jersey, or even the skirt in another color and viola! You are repping your favorite team! Check out the photos below and let me know how you show off your team pride! 


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