ROAD TO TABLE: A Cadillac Culinary Experience

Sunday, October 11, 2015

About a month or so ago, Cadillac invited me to their Road to Table event. I was invited to test drive the ATS, followed by a private meal at Pax Americana, followed by an after party at 1919 Wine & Mixology featuring a signature Cadillac cocktail. Twist my arm, because I said yes so fast, it'd make your head spin.  You may remember that I've worked with Cadillac before, a few years ago when they gave me an Escalade to drive around for a week! I attend a lot of car stuff, but I have to say that I've always loved Cadillacs. My grandfather drove them, and the first time I saw the CTS 6 years ago zooming by my, I wanted that car. It's still a dream of mine to own a Cadillac one day, and maybe one day I will! For now, I'll settle on test-driving them.

The Road to Table Event was actually a two night event with 4 time slots across the two days in which the invitees could arrive to test drive the cars. I chose Friday, the 28th at 8pm. I invited my friends Amanda, Leena, and Tammy to come with me, but Tammy was unable to come last minute. that occurred September 28th.  The meeting spot was 1919 Wine & Mixology in the Upper Kirby area.  Per usual I was the last one to arrive, but I checked in, and received my wristband to drive! A little after 8, we stood in line to drive the ATS. We had an option of driving the sedan or the coupe...I of course wanted the coupe. I have enough sedan life driving my Toyota Camry around. Driving in every car was a designated Cadillac representative, who gave us information about the car during the drive.  The drive was from 1919 to Pax Americana. At Pax Americana we were greeted by more...well...greeters who ushered to the champagne area while we waited to be seated. The Cadillac reps in the cars drove the cars back to 1919 to pick up the next drivers. 

About 10 minutes after arriving at Pax, we were allowed to go in and sit. The entire restaurant was closed for the attendees of the Road to Table event. We chose to sit at the bar. The table settings were amazing and Cadillac had selfie-sticks with their brand logo at each table! Needless to say, each of us left with a selfie-stick that night.  We had a lovely three-course meal with wine pairings for each course. After dinner, the chef came out and talked to everyone, and then we headed to the Cadillac Escalades that were outside waiting to take us back to 1919. Leena and I stayed for a little bit at the after party, before heading home! It was a great night, and really did make me want to bring in my Camry and see what trade-in value I could get for a new ATS! I'd definitely buy a red one! 


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