Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hello Everyone! I have some exciting news! I've been asked to join the Houston launch of the Austin-Based App #BeSomebody.  A few weeks ago, the development team behind the App contacted me and ask me to be one of the first Houston Passionaries on the App. Whoa, Shasie, slow down! What is #BeSomebody and what is a Passionary? OK, let me slow down and explain the concept.  BeSomebody is an app that connects people based on their shared passions.  Users download the app, create profiles and add passions to their profile. Passions are just what you think they are; Fashion, Photography, Art, Crafting, Cars, Animals, etc. When the app first launched in Austin there were only 40 passion categories. Now there are over 1300+ categories and growing! Users can create passions if they don't find one that fits there needs.  

After passions are added to your profile you can search for experiences that are scheduled under each passion. The learning experiences are taught by Passionaries, and that's where yours truly comes in. Passionaries are teachers, coaches, instructors that have experience in their passion..enough to teach others. I'll be on there as a Passionary in Fashion & Blogging! Each experience has a fee associated with it. These are in person experiences, so once you book it, you pick a date to meet with the Passionary to live the experience one-on-one, or depending on the experience with a group of people! 

I created my first experience tonight, called Fashion Blogging, and I already have my first person signed up for November! While most of the experiences cost a fee, the app company is running a promotion for the app-launch in Houston, where you can book an experience for free up to $50.00 using the code HTOWN. So if you want to meet with me to learn about fashion blogging, which will normally be $25.00, this is your chance to meet with me for free before the code is deactivated! You can sign up here
Photo from BeSomebody.com
In addition to being able to sign up for live experiences, you can upload photos under your passions, search for people with similar passions and add them as friend using the "spark" button, and even you yourself can sign up to be a Passionary after you go through the vetting process which includes a background check.  If everything I said above was confusing check out the short "How It Works" video below:


I'll be adding more experiences throughout the week so be sure to stay up to date with my my besomebody profile: besomebody.com/shasie

Cover photo from besomebody.com

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