HALLOWEEN: Costume Ideas Part I

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Halloween is right around the corner! Do you have plans? Will you be dressing up? Yes, I'm an adult and I still enjoy dressing up for Halloween! Whether you're transforming your house into a haunted house, just handing out candy, or headed to a Halloween party, you'll want a costume! In my opinion, there are three types of costumes: Hand-Made, Subtle, and the All-Out. Handmade costumes are the ones where the person makes their costume from scratch. Maybe, they have to go out and purchase some raw materials, such as fabric, cardboard, or paint, but they basically make everything. Subtle, is the person who shows up wearing cats ears and a shirt that says "I'm a cat". I suppose this counts as a costume, and I've done this before too...especially when I've run out of time to purchase one.  The All-Out, is of course, purchasing a full costume. Since purchasing a full costume may have the longest lead-time (depending on if you have to still order one), we'll go through these options first! 

It's great that there are costumes for me and my curvy girl friends! I think it's harder to find plus-size costumes in stores, so you will probably have to order one online. I would advise going one-size bigger than what you normally wear. Costumes are made once a year, and I suspect the manufacturers aren't vested in making them true-to-size. 

The most common comic book costumes for females are typically Batman, Robin, and Wonder Woman.  For my list, I decided not to feature those typical costumes, and picked some other characters that are just as fun! 

If superheros aren't your thing, try these other options! 

 Princess Leia Minion

Maybe you and your significant other, want to attend a party, in matching or cohesive themed costumes! Check out these cute couples costumes! 
Bacon & Eggs
Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich
Do you dress up for Halloween? If so, do you already have your costume for Saturday?

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