Dress for Dinner's 7th Season Kicks Off With Best-Selling Author & Stylist, Lucy Sykes

Sunday, October 04, 2015

I can't believe this was my first time stepping into the posh Houston boutique that is Sloan/Hall! However, it was not my first time hearing the name.  Over the years I've been invited to several events at the store, and have managed to miss each and every one of them...such is life! But this time I made it to an event! The event was the opening fundraiser for the Recipe For Success Foundation's Dress For Dinner 2015-2016 season. I've been a longtime supporter of Recipe For Success and their mission to combat childhood obesity.  Founded in 2005 by Gracie Cavner, Recipe for Success, works in schools and communities to promote healthy eating habits in children. The Foundation distributes books, creates fun campaigns, and engaging public awareness campaigns. All of these items require funding, and one of the ways they raise money is through their annual Dress For Dinner campaign. 

The Annual Fundraiser, compiling of 4-5 events between September & May, invites influential members of the fashion community to mingle and eat dinner with guests who purchase a ticket. Influential members have ranged from celebrity stylists, to high-end fashion designers. The 2015-2016 series marks the 7th season of Dress for Dinner. This season is spearheaded by Engineer and Blogger Carrie Colbert. For her first event, she invited New York Times Best Selling Author and Fashion Stylist, Lucy Sykes for a book signing and of course dinner with the guests.  Lucy signed copies of her book, The Knock-off and participated in a panel discussion with Sloan/Hall co-owner Shannon Hall. The panel was moderated by CultureMap Editor-At-Large, Clifford Pugh. After the panel there was a brief fashion show showcasing the latest fall offerings available at Sloan/Hall.

Clifford Pugh interviewing guests on their favorite food memories.
Christiane & Sabine Waldron with Sheri Frede
Director chairs for the panelists and moderator.

Shannon Hall putting finishing touches on a mannequin display.
Um who doesn't love cookies?!?!

Lucy reading an exerpt from her book with Carrie Colbert and Donae Chromasta
Gracie Cavnar, Founder of Recipe For Success Foundation, introducing the panelists, and Season 7 chair.

Clifford, Lucy, & Shannon Hall




How cool is this whale purse!?!?
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