Sunday, October 18, 2015

Last weekend I attended my first polo match! I never thought about going to a polo game before, but why not? Thanks to Alice of The Lonestar Looking Glass for organizing the outing!  I love doing something different. We were originally supposed to go to the game on September 13th, but it was rained out and rescheduled for October 11th.  I'm glad that I was still able to make it! Alice and I were one of the first gals to arrive.  The goal was to dress up and wear cute hats and fascinators, but I had 2 things before the polo game and didn't have time to home and change :-(, so I showed up looking sporty chic! Ha! The other girls were so cute in their dresses and hats (see pics below)! Since we were a little early, Alice and I headed over to the stables to see some of the horses. The horses were privately owned so we weren't allowed to touch them, but we could take pictures with them, with a warning that they might nip us! Alice and I of course didn't care and took photos. Some of the horses had flea masks on their faces. I was kind of jealous. I wish I had something to keep the bugs out of my face. After awhile the other girls arrived and we headed to the other side of the field to our complimentary upgraded box seats!

We received an info paper explaining how polo works, but I was still a bit confused, and it was hard to tell the teams apart since one  team was wearing white jerseys with black numbers and the other team wore black jerseys with white numbers. Also the refs were in black and white so when everyone was at the other end of the field it was hard to discern who was who. But watching the game was fun. Some of the girls ordered champagne. I ordered some yummy grilled chicken sliders. During the intermission, the crowd was allowed to go out to the field to stomp the divets that were made during game play. I passed on this, because my allergies were acting up, and going onto the grassy field wasn't going to help. The second half went by quickly, and we headed back to the other side of the field. Of course we stopped to take more photos with the horses! Overall attending a polo game was really fun! I've always associated it with socialites, etc and never thought I'd be into going, but that experience was fun, and I would definitely go back!

Sunglasses: Just Cavalli
Sweatshirt: Rainbow (similar one at Forever 21)
Jeans: CJ by Cookie Johnson (Nordstrom)
Flats: Yosi Samra (similar)

Emily, Alice, Me, Duchess the Horse, Amber, Karen, & Jaclyn

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  1. Yay ponies! Polo games are fun - I've been to a couple.


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