EVENTS: Blog Elevated Day 2 Recap

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Day 2 of Blog Elevated kicked off at 9am with welcome and announcements from Lisa and Bobbie. The opening keynote speaker was Rae Hoffman, blogger at and CEO of and online marketing team.  This wasn't Rae's first rodeo at Blog Elevated as she was a keynote speaker at the first Blog Elevated  in 2013. Rae's message, titled "11 Things My Son Taught Me" were inspirational, and heartfelt. Her story had me in tears, and unfortunately I was sitting in the very front, and couldn't keep the slow tears from moving down my face. Rae's son, who taught her these 11 things, passed away. He had suffered from seizures and brain damage since birth and never spoke a word. Doctors even told Rae that he would never smile, but from several photos she showed us of her son, it looks like he smiled a lot, even with his disabilities. From the time he was born he was teaching Rae lessons, that she said was applicable to live and our success as bloggers. 

11. Not everything in live goes according to plan
10. Complaining changes nothing (Action changes everything)
9. Your situation does not determine your result, your altitude does
8. It is possible to say nothing, yet influence everything
7. You'll never know what you're capable of until you try
6. Other people's opinions don't matter
5. Can't change the past, but you can help shape the future
4. Self-education is one of the best ways to empower yourself
3. Tomorrow may not always come
2. You're biggest setback can either break you or fuel you -- it's up to you
1. You can survive anything

With each tip, counting down from 11, Rae gave examples of her life with her son and how these lessons were applicable to our careers as bloggers. As I stated before her speech was very touching. After Rae's talk we had a fun niche meet and greet. Since Blog Elevated is open to all bloggers, regardless of their topic of choice, we had to chance to mingle with bloggers that blog on similar topics. In the hall there were stations based on blog topics. Of course I headed to the fashion sign. It was fun to meet new fashion bloggers! Following the niche meet and greet we sat through the Brands to Blogger panel where we learned more on what brands and PR firms are looking for from bloggers. After that we had a great lunch at the hotel sponsored by See's Candies! This was actually my first time hearing of See's Candies. I also took this time to participate in the Lily-Jade handbag contest by snapping a few pics with my favorite bag! Their bags were originally for mommy's as cute diaper bags, but turns out, the bags can be worn by anyone and are useful for more than just carrying diapers! I so would rock one.  

After lunch we had a general session with Jolie Egan with Always' Like A Girl campaign. I'm actually going to write all about that in a separate blog post because it really struck home and needs it's own post! Wrapping up day 1 were breakout sessions. I went to make money with facebook groups and writing an ebook! Stay Tuned because I think I'll be writing an ebook soon! To close the night, Kroger's sponsored a party for everyone called Beauty, Bubbles & Bites, where beauty brands were on hand to give us mini-makeovers!

Blog Elevated Co-Founders, Bobbie Byrd and Lisa Conder Stauber.
Opening Keynote Speaker, Rae Hoffman

Meeting at the Fashion Niche!
Ran into Houston Bloggers Roxy and Sarah!
Sarah & Roxy (L); Casey & Jessica of Thoughtfully Styled (R)

Abbie Unger leading the breakout session; Make Money with Facebook Groups

Contents of the Blog Elevated Goodie Bag

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